San Francisco’s Retirement Desk Now Helps Advisers Move Toward Elite 401(k) Adviser Status

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Recently, a Cogent study found that 7 percent of advisers are heavy plan producers with $25 million or more in 401(k) AUM. This elite group of advisers supports almost as many plans as the nearly 52 percent of the estimated 315,000 retail investment advisers that support at least one 401(k) plan. Retirement Desk, a San Francisco company that supports retirement plans and fiduciary reviews, is now helping advisers gain elite 401(k) adviser status.

"Our business model is to work 100 percent with advisers and help them succeed in this retirement plan space," Jason Woon of Retirement Desk said.

Many of the elite advisers have the advantage of growing up in the retirement industry or have been helped by retirement wholesalers. Retirement Desk's service can be described as an "independent wholesaler," not representing any one product or service.

The qualified retirement plan space requires specific technical knowledge of ERISA, plan design and IRS compliance, in addition to investments. While partnering with TPAs and product vendors is important, their marketing time is limited and their focus is typically on a subset of solutions. Retirement Desk works with any solution that fits the adviser and needs of the client.

"We work with advisers who are taking it to the next level and recognize the value of leveraging a retirement back office," Woon said.

For more information about Retirement Desk's services, call 510-457-1925 or visit the company online at Retirement Desk is located at 1254 Park Ave. in Alameda.

About Retirement Desk

Retirement Desk was founded by retirement industry veterans. With an insider view of retirement plan providers and the understanding of the needs of registered investment advisers, Retirement Desk set out to create solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of advisers entering into or growing in the retirement space. Retirement Desk clients are 100 percent advisers with no direct plan sponsor agreements. They are independent retirement only consultants.

Retirement Desk's belief is that retirement readiness is available for every American, but it takes a good set of tools and investment advisers who really care for, provide fiduciary review and guide companies and their employees toward success.


Jason Woon