San Leandro’s, R.E.A.D. Inc. Announces They Offer Programs to Help Turn Children’s Intentions into Actions

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — San Leandro’s R.E.A.D., announcing they are offering programs to ensure that children’s intentions are backed by actions with the assistance of R.E.A.D.’s tutoring programs. READ Inc believes that often parents are satisfied with their children’s intentions to study everyday and don’t make sure they follow through.

“At the end of October the first grading period will end in our local schools. This shouldn’t be the first indication that a little extra help is needed. Make sure that the first grading period is an opportunity to recognize and praise performance,” said Lori Diestel director of R.E.A.D. Inc.

San Leandro’s R.E.A.D., Inc. Educational Services offers students from public and private schools assistance in delivering on their best intentions. They offer study services every year following summer break including homework help, extra work on fundamentals, test preparation and exam strategies in all subject areas from Kindergarten to grade 12. Parents can feel confident with the learning experience their children will receive with R.E.A.D., Inc. because they will be working with credentialed and experienced teachers who work with students in small groups for personal attention and study support. For more than 35 years of service in the East Bay, R.E.A.D., Inc. has been dedicated to providing children with the structure they need to succeed.

For more information, call 510-632-7600 or visit

About R.E.A.D. Inc. R.E.A.D., located in San Leandro, is a tutoring service for students from all grades, elementary through high school. Its programs are designed to assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties in school due to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder or poor organizational and study skills. R.E.A.D. also offers tutoring for advanced students, test preparation (SAT/ACT and entrance exams for private schools) and a comprehensive summer program.


Jim Diestel