Savannah–It’s Filled with Beauty, Elegance, History–and Ghosts?


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Savannah boasts a rich history preserved in stately, elegant buildings, many of which still retain original fixtures and decorations. While you expect to see well-preserved sconces and wainscoting, you don’t expect to see the original owners bumping around in the night. “Savannah’s gained a reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America,” said Rick Haggart, President of Perfect Places, a leading vacation rental website.

“Halloween’s big in Savannah. It’s gotten bigger in recent years, with all the ghost hunting shows that are on TV. Everybody wants to find some kind of paranormal activity,” Haggart said.

“For those who happen to believe that bumps, noises and apparitions in the night are ghosts, it makes for some excitement while visiting the city.”

Haggart mentioned a property on called Laura’s Cottage in particular. “Guests have reported being poked, hearing knocking, soft creaking, seeing mysterious orbs in their photos, and unusual smells that have no explanation but dissipate quickly,” Haggart said. “All of the reports have been that if there actually is a ghost, it’s a friendly one.”

With wide streets and 24 public squares filled with proud statues and soaring oak trees, countless historical buildings, a lively arts community, and world-class shopping and restaurants, it’s easy to see why some former residents would hang around Savannah once they’re done with their mortal bodies.

Visit Savannah, and you can hear hundreds of documented accounts of Savannians’ run-ins with ghosts. Sixth Sense Savannah (866-666-DEAD, tells frightening stories of poltergeists, hags, exorcisms, disembodied spirits and more. Old Savannah Tours (800-517-9007, offers ghostly tours on an open-air trolley. Or, you can get a map and do your own ghost hunting. The Hauntings Tour (912-441-9277, offers group and private tours.

Some of the houses you’ll visit include the Kehoe house, a bed and breakfast with haunted rooms; the Owens-Thomas house, built and 1819 and the site of many strange events; the Sorrel-Weed house, featured on the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters;” and the Hampton Lillibridge House, where workers refused to enter because of ghostly encounters. Also, visitors observe lights and parties in the mansion on nights when it’s closed.

The ghosts in Savannah don’t just come out on Halloween. You can enjoy exciting and entertaining ghost tours all year long in Savannah.

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