“Save America Gathering:” “Our Goal is to Help Save the World!”

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As "555 Days of Prayer to Save America" reaches day 288, the planners of the event are revealing that their ultimate goal is not just saving America, but helping to save the entire world. "We need to save us from us!" said "Save America Gathering" spokesman, Robert P. Berry. Scarcely a day goes by without manifest evil dominating the internet and the airwaves. People are treating each other with total disdain. Suicide is rampant. Depression is epidemic. Violence is ubiquitous. Perversion is universal. Greed is a way of life. The changes that are needed are not material, political, or physical. The changes we need are spiritual, intellectual, and moral. Right now, we, as a nation, really don't want to make those changes."

"Even so," Berry continued, "We have to expect The Lord to make those changes occur. In the end, our own rebellion will bring about the circumstance of God's action. Change is, after all, constant. And, we can certainly expect God's will to ultimately be wrought on Earth. It is our calling to help bring about world-saving spiritual change, through Jesus, Who is Christ. That is our ultimate goal, and the greatest service we can perform, as "Save America Gathering!"

The current 100-day long prayer segment, a prayer for mercy and forgiveness of the sins of the United States of America, has reached day 33. The 555-day-long prayer event will conclude on September 11, 2014, with the "Great Wave Offering."


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