Scientel Selected Among Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies by CIOReview Magazine, The Navigator for Enterprise Solutions

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — As an impressive follow-up to being selected as a Top 10 Big Data solution provider by CIOReview/Far East in 2013, Scientel Information Technology, Inc., has been selected as one of the World's Most Promising Top 100 Big Data solution providers out of 2000+ analyzed. This is a great achievement and honor that recognizes the truly innovative and advanced Big Data capabilities offered by Scientel.

Every day, enterprises and organizations generate petabytes of data that need to be managed and channeled to be utilized to make better decisions and streamline processes. The exponential growth of Big Data has spurred the rise of entities that specialize in the management of Big Data with the help of advanced Database Management Systems (DBMS). Scientel Information Technology, a provider of advanced NoSQL DBMS and related applications and systems solutions for Big Data, is one such company that has understood this need and capitalized on the market demand. "The amount of data that was created from 1946 to 1999 is probably equal to the data generated yesterday. The amount of data that was generated over 53 years is now accumulated in a day, which just goes to show the rate at which Big Data is growing," says Norman Kutemperor, CEO, Scientel Information Technology.

The Big Data company, headquartered in Michigan, was founded in 1977 and the core teams have considerable experience in the field. Being in the market for over three decades has ensured that their products have been well tested over time and clients enjoy seamless service without any disruptions. Their services allow the clients to solve all their problems with one DBMS platform which would otherwise require the use of two separate platforms. Along with being highly flexible, their products are also extremely user friendly. Scientel uses a system that has UNIX, Linux and Windows sourced all in one network. This greatly improves the compatibility and capability of the system making it more user friendly.

Scientel's flagship products include GENSONIX, a "NoSQL from the ground up" DBMS, which can also be thought of as effectively an "ALL-In-1-SQL"–as well as ECMS, the world's ONLY Enterprise Content Management & Search System created under a NoSQL DBMS, integrated with Scientel's Content Appliance.

Scientel's NoSQL GENSONIX DBMS and related products address all Big Data information management tasks for growing businesses, as well as scientific, government, and other organizations. GENSONIX can handle structured/unstructured, transactional/non–transactional, indexed/non–indexed data types with ease — in various data schema formats.


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