Searchme Announces Immediate Availability of New Visual Search Advertising Platform

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — After several months of testing by a core group of leading ad agencies and major brands, Searchme Inc. today announced that its visual search ad platform is now out of beta and available immediately at The new Searchme Ad Platform leverages innovative visual search technology to connect advertisers with a highly engaged, online audience.

Like traditional search advertising, Searchme’s platform enables keyword-based ads to be placed within search results. The Searchme advantage is that ads are presented in Searchme’s innovative visual page flow rather than in a list of static blue links. The ability to see a full-sized rendering of each advertiser’s page before clicking through provides a more highly qualified click and increases the likelihood of conversion offering advertisers a unique and powerful new way to capitalize on their search engine marketing (SEM).

One of the agencies that participated in the beta program is Mindshare, part of the Group M unit of WPP. “We’re doing a lot of testing on the Searchme Ad Platform for a number of different brands. We see some very cutting-edge, unique opportunities and we’ll continue to introduce this to our clients,” said Chris Westmeyer, Senior Search Strategist at Mindshare.

Another agency that tested the new platform was Media Contacts, the global interactive media network of Havas Digital. “What is appealing for Media Contacts’ clients is the idea of providing a pre-click site-preview in the SERP to qualify the audience and ultimately improve efficiency. The innovative format and integration of the ads with the organic content itself allows our clients to be part of the page flow which lends to a cleaner, less cluttered environment enabling better brand messaging at the same time,” said Rob Griffin, Media Contact’s Senior Vice President, U.S. Director of Search, Data & Analytics.

“We’ve basically fused together the best elements of brand and keyword advertising. At the same time, we’re helping consumers know exactly what they’re getting before they click on an ad,” said John Galatea, Searchme vice president of sales and marketing. “The Searchme Ad Platform delivers more valuable clicks leading to increased conversions while reducing consumer frustration at clicking through to ads that don’t match their needs. The future of search advertising is visual.”

Eighteen agencies participated in the Searchme Ad Platform beta program including GroupM Search, Mediacom, Mindshare, Outrider, Media Contacts (the global interactive media network of Havas Digital), Hill Holliday, Levelwing Media and Reprise Media.

A next-generation search engine, Searchme is built from the ground up and delivers a superior search experience over traditional, text-based engines built more than a decade ago. Instead of a list of blue links, Searchme delivers large images of web pages, videos, music and more that people can flip through, similar to paging through a magazine. With the Searchme Ad Platform, marketers can target a receptive audience with a more relevant graphic ad in the form of an existing Web page, newly developed creative or even a video.

The multimedia ads are interleaved between visual search results based on query terms, combining the best of keyword advertising, much like Google Adwords, with more robust brand advertising, allowing for highly targeted ad placement and delivering higher click through rates (CTR).

“More than 600 agencies and companies applied to beta test our platform, which was hard proof that weaving together visual ads with online search was a compelling idea for marketers,” said Searchme CEO Randy Adams. “On the heels of the beta success, we are thrilled to make this platform available to advertisers seeking an innovative, high-value solution for search advertising.”

Get the Platform Companies and agencies interested in the Searchme advertising platform can visit or contact John Galatea at or 650-930-1143. Support is also available at

About Searchme Searchme is a new search engine that uses patented visual search and category suggest features to deliver relevant, meaningful results faster, to every kind of Internet user. Searchme was founded in 2005 by Randy Adams, CEO. The company received initial funding from Sequoia Capital. For logos, images and web/broadcast material, please visit

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