SegPlay®PC Digital Paint-by-Numbers a Hit During Recession – Casual Game Developer SegTech Posts 110% Revenue Increase With Popular Pastime Entertainment

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Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Casual game software developer, SegTech, announced 110% sales increase in the company’s SegPlay®PC, a computerized paint-by-numbers program for Windows 2000, XP and Vista for Q1-2008 to Q1-2009. With time on their hands and fewer dollars in their pockets, art loving consumers have an affordable hobby or pastime alternative. SegPlayPC provides users with 20 images and hours of digital painting fun, entertainment and art education for less than the cost of a large, four topping pizza. In addition with 50 artist or design pattern sets of 20 or more images, SegTech offers consumers a choice of over 1800 colorful digital patterns at pennies each. The art computer program is appropriate for all ages and requires no artistic skills.

With dining out and shopping cut backs, recessionary times call for reasonably priced home entertainment. The casual game industry estimates 200 million consumers go to the Internet monthly to play relatively simple games that can be played on a computer or personal phone without special equipment like a Playstation or Xbox. Categorized as a casual game, the SegPlayPC computer download software captures the nostalgia of the 1950s paint-by-numbers pastime while capitalizing on today’s gaming technology to engage users on multi levels. The program is ideal for parents and children, crafters, art teachers, students and busy professionals, who are attached at the hip to their computers, and want a welcome distraction.    

“Just as comfort foods have seen a comeback with the recession, our digital version of classic paint-by-numbers is helping people cope by providing a well deserved mental diversion,” states Mark Feldman, President of SegTech. “Individuals and families learn about famous art works and just have fun. Our professional customers love the fact they can take their paintings on their laptops for travel–cutting business entertainment costs.”    

The digital painting process is simple, clean and green, and it supports the consumer’s recession-buy choice. Without purchasing a kit, paint, canvas or brush, the user points and clicks to “paint” artists’ masterpieces, contemporary and tradition designs, decorations and photographs. SegPlayPC introduces today’s generation to famous artists like Cassatt, Degas, Raphael, Rembrandt, Renoir and Vermeer. The program operates in a range of modes: Normal, segments of the painting are number-keyed to a palette of colors; Hint, shows only the current color–speeds up the painting process and is an advantage for children and; and Free, users can select any color in the available palette. With a dynamic user interface and cool sound effects, the program’s gaming challenges compliment the artistic elements. Users can choose a “beat the clock” coloring mode–racing against a timer to complete an image in a given time frame at six levels from easy to complex. They can also employ speed-painting tools, monitor the mistake counter and track the number of remaining pieces and colors.

At the SegTech website users can order the complete version or download the program as shareware with a limited number of patterns, textures and features on a 10-day trial. The program can then be upgraded to the full version by purchasing SegPlayPC at the Kaqi Store.

About SegTech SegTech is a seriously fun company focused on bringing original scientific image-processing research into entertaining and creative software products. Founded in 1998 the company developed Segmation™, The Art of Pieceful Imaging technology, as a powerful software tool for photorealistic image segmentation. The Segmation paint-by-numbers’ product line includes: SegPlay®PC, for desktops and laptops; SegPlay®Mobile, for hand held devices; and SegPlay®, a free online version for playing with art on the Web.


Susan Almon-Pesch
For SegTech