Selling Timeshares, Inc. Redesigns Resort Directory To Help Timeshare Owners Find The Best Resorts and Trades

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Selling Timeshares, Inc., a licensed real estate brokerage who specializes in timeshare resale, now offers a new resort directory on their website. Timeshare buyers can now compare club locations and amenities at a glance to help get the best price or best trade available.

Today's timeshare resale industry offers many types of ownerships as well as many different timeshare clubs that a travelers can join. Choosing an ownership, or looking for the perfect trade can be confusing.

Dependent on how much vacation time the traveler is planning to take each year, or where their family likes to travel, there may be major benefits for owning one type of vacation ownership over another. One of the major factors is the buyer's choice between a week-based ownership and a points base ownership. Based on their vacations needs, they may opt for a flexible points based ownership that allows for multiple unit sizes or different locations.

A weeks based timeshare can be great for those that would like to travel to one specific location at one specific time of the year, or don't like booking ahead of time to get the right location and time. It's worth mentioning that many weeks based timeshares can also “float”, meaning owners can choose their week of the year based on availability.

David Van Norman was quoted saying, "The resort directory has been a great resource for our clients and owners when trying to make sense of the hundreds of resorts at their disposal for their initial purchase or for trading their week."

More specific information and more can be found at Selling Timeshares, Inc. new blog or in their Resort Directory, which can help travelers get lists of amenities, reviews, and timeshares for sale at huge discounts.

About Selling Timeshares, Inc. Selling Timeshares is comprised of a group of Licensed Real Estate Professionals with years of knowledge of the most valuable vacation networks offered in today’s market. They are a full service timeshare resale brokerage that does not charge an upfront fee to sell.


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