Sellpoints Introduces Premarketing to the Ecommerce Industry

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — In their latest product release, Sellpoints launched an innovative channel marketing solution to help online sellers reach consumers before they even realize they’re in the target market for a product. Dubbed “Premarketing,” this solution identifies qualified consumers before they’ve established an intent to buy. Put simply, it predicts what people are going to buy before they’re shopping.

Benny Blum, VP of Performance Marketing, explained what differentiates Premarketing from other advertising solutions: “Traditional digital marketing is modeled around a shopper’s intent. If a shopper looks at a product, searches for it, or views a comparison site, they’ve established an intent to buy. We can then advertise to that shopper based on their intent, retargeting them with the same or similar products.”

“Premarketing is different. We can build lists of qualified shoppers before they’ve established an intent. This means advertising to them before the competition and making the first impression. The programs we’ve run delivered an average 9:1 return on ad spend.”

This works by identifying individual shoppers who have displayed behaviors known to be precursors of intent to purchase a given product. Put simply, it predicts what they will buy. The Sellpoints Intention Engine then builds and pushes audiences to the ad server. These shoppers are served a targeted advertisement coupled with custom landing page experiences funneling qualified shoppers to the product page.

Sellpoints CEO Brian O’Keefe stated: “This is revolutionizing the way online advertising works. It’s going a step beyond prospecting and look-alike modeling to more effectively introduce products to qualified shoppers before they know what they’re shopping for.”


Abbey Pratt


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