Announces Winner of Spring 2013 Sell Used Books College Essay Contest Selected

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — announces the winner of the Spring 2013 Sell Used Books College Essay Contest scholarship is Paris Fallet. Mr. Fallet, who is studying to obtain a Biological Science degree at MiraCosta College in California, has been selected as the winner of the $1,000 grand prize scholarship award. His essay contest submission to the textbook buyback website,, entitled “My Journey on the Biological Science Path”, caught the attention of the essay committee by the passionate way in which he described his love for the outdoors. He further details his commitment to help preserve the environment and to further educate communities about the important issues regarding ecology and environmental science. He is dedicated to preserving global biodiversity and stresses the alarming anthropogenic effect we are having on the environment is very real, and believes that awareness through education will bring about positive change.

Students are facing tough economic times as education budgets continue to be slashed and tuitions escalate at incredible velocity. Recent studies indicate that today’s textbooks often cost well over $150 per class, and the overall cost of textbooks is actually rising even faster than the cost of tuition. realized that the large numbers of students who were selling back their textbooks online was an indication as to how badly many students are in need of supplemental money. Many students frequently sell their used textbooks during textbook buyback in preparation to help finance buying their new slate of required reading. SellUsedBooks continues to be a popular internet option for them to do this. But, many do not know that in addition to providing the service of buying back their used books for cash, the company site also help students to pay for their textbooks by giving students the chance to win a $1,000 by submitting a written essay.

The Sell Used Books College Essay Contest was created to help provide relief to students in desperate need of assistance. According to SellUsedBooks Marketing Special Andrew Ha, “We have learned through the feedback we receive that for many students who are in need, $1,000 could actually mean the difference between them being able to continue their educational pursuits, or having to drop out. A large portion of our customer base continues to be students, and many of them have told us that they frequently sell their books almost immediately after their semester ends, in order to help them prepare for the expenses of the upcoming semester.”

The was designed to be a simple and easy way for students to enter for a chance to win $1,000 by submitting a 750-1,250 word essay, and to help those who could benefit from this opportunity. This Spring’s contest addressed the topic, "What is your chosen major and why did you choose it? Name some reasons why your major is important to you and detail some of the things which have led you towards this path." The grand prize winner was initially selected from a pool of almost 1,000 entries, which is a new contest high, and then chosen again from the last group of finalists. The essays were evaluated by the strength of idea, originality, and organization.

For the winner, Paris Fallet, his cost of education will be less of a burden this year, allowing him to pursue his goal of one day becoming a Fish and Wildlife Warden. “My sights are firmly set on my biological science degree and an occupation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. I thank my grandfather for sparking my passion for fish and wildlife, and I appreciate the ecology courses and Environmental Science: A Global Concern for helping me determine my goals. We only have one Earth, so it is extremely important that we treat it well and take from it in moderation.” allows users to sell books for cash. With instant quotes, free shipping and fast payment, users can easily sell books and textbooks all in one simple transaction. For more information about the scholarship program or the company, please visit the website.


Andrew Ha