Sensys Networks and Econolite Expand Wireless Vehicle Detection Collaboration

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Sensys Networks and Econolite (Anaheim, California) today announced the two companies have expanded upon a sales and distribution agreement that was announced August 26, 2014. As part of the contract, Econolite will private label and offer the Sensys Networks wireless vehicle detection system, including in-ground vehicle and bicycle detection sensors, software and accessories in select North American markets.

“We are excited to expand our sales and distribution agreement with Econolite,” said Sensys Networks CEO Amine Haoui. “The Sensys Networks wireless sensing platform has become the technology of choice for vehicle detection and traffic data collection for more than 250 cities globally. With this expanded agreement, hundreds of additional Econolite customers will now have access to the Sensys Networks platform to enhance the performance of their traffic signals and expand their ITS programs. We look forward to working closely with Econolite to better serve our mutual customers and to continue leading with innovation.”

Ensuring customers have access to the best technology and product options to enhance their transportation management capabilities is an ongoing priority for Econolite. “The successful acceptance and sales through our prior collaboration helped drive this expanded agreement,” said Econolite Group VP of Sales Mark Nogaki. “Our customers are finding the Sensys Networks wireless sensors to be a higher performing, more cost effective detection solution compared to other in-ground sensors.”

The expanded agreement will provide more of Econolite’s customers with a turn-key integrated in-ground vehicle detection solution. This enables customers, particularly Centracs users, to leverage the enhanced vehicle detection and data collection capabilities of the wireless sensors.

The Econolite and Sensys Networks agreement is effective immediately, and provides Econolite sales and distribution rights in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and most of the Caribbean.

About Sensys Networks Sensys Networks improves the way people travel through cities through precise and reliable detection. But accurate detection is just the beginning. As a leading wireless technology company, Sensys Networks provides traffic visionaries and implementers with a comprehensive data solution. The company’s world class integration partners and innovative suite of products and traffic management solutions help drive efficient, economic and environmental improvements for cities. For more news and events from Sensys Networks, go to

About Econolite In business since 1933, Econolite is a leading transportation solution provider and manufacturer of advanced traffic controllers (NEMA & ATC/2070); Centracs® and Aries® Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS); Centracs Adaptive and MMS; Autoscope® video and hybrid detection, as well as, AccuScan™ radar, and AccuSense™ in-ground detection systems; arterial systems masters; vehicle and pedestrian signals; traffic control cabinets; data collection and management systems (Centracs DCMS); and a full line of transportation maintenance services. Helping advance vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) development, Econolite is committed to employing technologies that reduce traveler time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. For more information about Econolite, visit


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