Sera Digital’s SongDock™ Bluetooth® Adapter for iPod® Docking Stations Now on Sale at

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — Sera Digital™ today introduced SongDock™, a small Bluetooth® based adapter for legacy 30-pin iPod® / iPhone® docking stations to enable Bluetooth stereo audio streaming from just about any iOS®, Android® or Windows® mobile device. SongDock simply plugs into your docking station’s connector. A simple button begins pairing to mobile devices. Once pairing is complete, streaming audio is enabled. Now, with SongDock, users can maintain their investment in existing docking stations when adopting non-30-pin connector devices such as, the iPhone 5, iPad mini and Android and Windows mobile devices.

Supported devices include iPhone 5; iPad® mini; iPhone 4S/4/3GS; iPad; MacBook®; Android smartphones and tablets; or Windows Phone, Windows tablets or PCs/laptops. With the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, Apple® has changed from its well entrenched 30-pin connector cable to a new format called Lightning. This new connector type essentially renders all existing 30-pin connector devices for the iPhone incompatible for plug and play. This includes existing docking stations. Now, with SongDock, users will be able to keep using their existing docking station with non-30-pin connector audio devices via Bluetooth.

When using SongDock, audio playback is controlled from the Bluetooth-enabled device, just like Bluetooth audio streaming anywhere else. SongDock delivers stereo-quality Bluetooth streaming audio. SongDock offers a low-cost adapter option for maintaining iPhone 5 and iPad mini connectivity or to expand connectivity to Android and Windows devices for existing iPod / iPhone docking stations.

Availability SongDock is now available for purchase via Regular pricing is $24.99 per SongDock or $65.99 for a pack of three SongDocks. However, now through December 2012, SongDock is being made available with a special introductory price of $21.99 each or $62.99 for a pack of three. Those interested in purchasing SongDock can visit and search for “SongDock” or visit the Amazon link directly from here.

About Sera Digital Sera Digital™ was founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of bringing to market consumer electronics products with cost effective price points. The company's first product is a Bluetooth adapter solution for iPod / iPhone docking stations. Apple® has now moved away from its well entrenched 30-pin connector for connecting or docking iPods, iPhones and iPads. Thus, owners of existing 30-pin docking stations wishing to adopt the iPhone 5, iPad mini or Android or Windows mobile devices will lose connectivity and functionality with their 30-pin connector docking station. Sera Digital’s SongDock™ Bluetooth adapter makes it simple for users to continue to use their existing docking stations. This cost-effective solution removes the need to purchase a costly new docking station for their music device. It also expands the possibilities for the types of Bluetooth devices that can connect to 30-pin iPod / iPhone docking stations to include Android and Windows devices for streaming audio. SongDock is available for purchase via Additional information about Sera Digital and SongDock can be found online at

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Rafael Larin