Sgrouples Launches MeWe – The World’s Private Communication Network


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Online privacy company, Sgrouples Inc., announces the launch of the worlds private communication network, MeWe.

MeWe delivers breakthrough performance and cutting-edge features that advance social sharing, cloud storage, and both individual and group communication—within a simple-to-use, powerfully private platform. Built on safety, trust, and respect, MeWe provides an online environment for people to be authentic and uncensored, the way they are in their real lives. MeWe members gain peace of mind knowing that how they share their lives online stays private and in their total control.

MeWe: Backed by Industry Leaders MeWe is the brainchild of leading online privacy advocate and social media founder Mark Weinstein, and the platform comes with the full backing and support of major technology innovators such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and a member of the MeWe Advisory Board.

MeWe represents the next generation in communication technology, says Weinstein. We provide a safe and private platform where people can easily connect, freely share their everyday lives, and have fun being themselves. We have been designing, engineering, and refining MeWe for more than three years while in stealth mode, under the Sgrouples banner. MeWe is the culmination of those determined efforts to engineer an advanced new communication network people love and trust.

The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information, says MeWe advisor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. “The power to abuse the open Internet has become so tempting both for government and big companies. MeWe gives the power of the Internet back to the people with a platform built for collaboration and privacy.

MeWe: The Decline of Facebook—The Rise of the Privacy Revolution Social network users around the world have become disenchanted with Facebook’s abuse of user rights. Rather than focus on marrying amazing technology with privacy protection, Facebook focuses on profiting off of its customer base selling ads and personal data. “An unprecedented 99 percent of Americans are concerned about their privacy today. If you look at the amount of data that Facebook has on its active users, it’s more than the CIA has on you, says Weinstein. “Even worse, the company can basically do whatever it wants with your personal information without telling you.

MeWe, in contrast, builds privacy by design into its service. “MeWe’s purpose is not to turn people into dollar signs, says Weinstein, who has been recognized by the Canadian government as a Privacy by Design Ambassador. “Our mission is to give everyone the freedom to express themselves socially, naturally, and safely, with privacy they trust. Some call that a privacy revolution, we call it common sense.

MeWe: Privacy Bill of Rights for Members/Poison Pill for Acquirers One of the many unique aspects of MeWe is its simple and straightforward Privacy Bill of Rights. This one-of-a-kind declaration clearly outlines MeWe’s member-first thinking and protection plan. These rights include the following:     You own your personal information and content. It is explicitly not ours.     We do not track, profile, or share your personal information with anyone.     They’re your friends not ours. We do not spy on your contact list.     Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.     You have the right to download your content and delete your account at any time.

“We clearly define, in less than 200 words, your rights as a member, as opposed to the thousands of words of legal mumbo-jumbo that other companies use to protect themselves and not you, says Weinstein. MeWe also has a poison pill built into its privacy policy to keep MeWe honest and to protect its members from acquirers wanting access to their data. Any privacy policy changes must be communicated to members along with links to opt-out and delete their accounts. If Facebook had a clause like this, they would have been out of business six years ago."

Getting to Know MeWe MeWe empowers its members to comfortably share their real lives online and easily communicate with the people and circles that matter most to them. In support of these efforts, MeWe offers many exciting new features such as the following: My World – Members can take advantage of customized personal news feed with total control and no creepy ads or stalking strangers. My Cloud – Each member has their own personal cloud. My Cloud offers an interactive dashboard to control everything a member posts or shares. Unique profiles – Members can be themselves, safe from any tracking and spying. Their profiles are customizable for every group they create or join. Voice integration (on any or all content) – Post pictures, videos, or documents and include a voice message. Respond to a shared post or just chat. MeWe’s voice integration works for members and their contacts throughout the entire platform. Universal tagging – Sort and find almost any type of content in a meaningful way. Enhanced permission controls (patent pending) – Manage permissions on a granular level and decide exactly who sees what. Members can also remove themselves from the search directory, make themselves invisible to other members online, and much more. Available on all popular platforms – Members can use MeWe on their favorite Android or iOS smartphone, as well as on all desktops and tablets.

MeWe is Free and Makes Money Without Tracking its Members At MeWe, privacy is free. MeWe is built on the philosophy of great successful businesses; respecting members as partners. MeWe makes money the same way offline companies have always made money; by offering optional services that enhance the lives and experiences of our members. MeWe's complimentary service delivers the services that most members need; sharing photos, videos, documents, chat, discussions, voice messaging, etc., 1:1 and in groups, with 8GB of storage. Additionally, members can purchase up to 500GB of data storage, enjoy helpful private group apps from the MeWe App Store (coming in 2015), print their pictures (we've partnered with Walgreens in the USA), select coupons, and more. In 2015, we will also release an enterprise version for companies who want MeWe for private team collaborations.

How MeWe is Funded. A Smarter Way to Grow. In an era when start-ups routinely raise and spend countless millions with little to show for it, Sgrouples, Inc. is changing the rules on how to fund and build a successful social platform. Sgrouples focuses discretely on careful product development without wasteful spending. MeWe has been built by Sgrouples' distributed, worldwide, 30-member team. The team embraces real-time communication tools and organizational practices while running 24-hours per day. MeWe uses cutting edge software technology and is built upon a Scala/Lift web framework. To date, Sgrouples has raised $2M in funding from visionary individual investors in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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About MeWe and Sgrouples, Inc. MeWe, The World’s Private Communication NetworkTM, is built by Sgrouples, Inc. MeWe delivers breakthrough performance and cutting-edge features that advance social sharing, cloud storage, and both individual and group communication—all within a single platform. MeWe is the next generation in communication technology; a safe and private platform tha


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