Shifting the Perception of Training Simulations

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Business simulations and serious games have shifted from being used by only large corporations to being an effective training necessity for nearly every organization. Author Hugh Hunter of (, has released a new book, “Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games”.

As learners increasingly demand engaging corporate training, organizations must meet this demand through business simulations (sims) and serious games. These tools provide the applicability that training often lacks, while strategically enabling organizational change by encouraging learners to engage while they absorb new knowledge.

“Today’s learners and tomorrow’s corporate leaders have new training requirements,” explained Hunter. “Training must now engage learners in real work scenarios, apply learning to the business, test their knowledge – challenge them. If they don’t see the immediate benefit, they’ll bail. Simulations keep learners engaged in applicable context. That brings the organization value because learners can immediately practice what they’ve learned, and the overall business strategy moves forward.”

Hunter explains many challenging simulation concepts in layman’s terms, in an easy-reading, fast-paced style. Most importantly, he answers the toughest question, “Why bother using a simulation in training?” The answer is based on the foundation of learning and development theory itself: simulations are the fastest and most effective means to apply training theory and rapidly transform it into natural behavior.

The book also explores in-depth topics such as simulation design, competitive versus collaborative sims, strategic versus virtual sims, serious games, program structure, basing designs in reality, and planning for sustainability. Hunter provides the groundwork for how to implement simulations in virtually any organization, and offers numerous tips and tricks for getting such programs established.

Released May 1 on, Shift has already reached #1 in sales for Training books, and has ranked #1 in sales of books involving Teams.

About Hugh Hunter is vice president of learning and development for Simulation Development Group, LLC (, founded in 2008, and has an extensive background in learning theory and application, solution development, and business growth. His decades of experience in educational technology at Apple® and other firms allow him to help organizations easily adopt business simulations and games. As a simulations architect, he has created and developed hundreds of projects, from childhood games through corporate employee retirement simulations, and currently architects solutions for global Fortune 500 corporations, and organizations aspiring to the Fortune 500. More information about Shift is at or at


Hugh Hunter