Shmoop Launches GED Preparation Guide

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Remember graduating the sixth grade and immediately going to interview for a CEO position at a national company? Didn’t go so well, did it? Especially when they asked for references and you provided the contact information for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Manhole Cover #723, NY, NY).

Turns out a lot of prospective employers prefer that their employees be educated. At a minimum, “educated” usually means a high school diploma. So what are the options for someone without a high school diploma? Shine shoes, clean windshields or become an actor? Things can’t be that desperate, can they?

Enter the GED. This high school equivalency exam gives individuals who might otherwise struggle trying to find their place in the workforce an opportunity to thrive. Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, is now offering a comprehensive guide to the GED that will prepare hopefuls in advance of this all-important test. The guide won’t be able to recreate the unique experience of sitting through Study Hall; but take a half-hour nap then carve a girlfriend’s name into the top of a desk, and a student should be good to go.     Learn how to conquer “real-world” math situations such as counting change, filling pools and measuring the distance from the base of a tree to the end of its shadow. When measuring giant redwood shadows, please remember to pack a pair of comfortable shoes.

    Get the scoop on how to analyze everything from poetry to plays to parents’ relationships. “Yes, Mom, but how does it make you feel?”

    Infer like a laboratory boss, learn all the “unzip your genes” jokes fit to print and discover the real reason Pluto is no longer a planet (we hear it got in trouble for pantsing Orion, who should have tightened his belt).

    Become well-versed in the history of everything – or at least the United States and the world – and sharpen your skills with sections on civics and government, geography, and economics. Wait – there was another Tea Party?

    Discover how to slice and dice sentences like a ninja, muscle through an essay and ace all those questions about organization, usage and mechanics. It’s okay – the grammar Nazis won’t bother anyone any longer. Their, they’re.

It’s a wo/man (with a high school diploma)’s world out there, and Shmoop can help students without that little rolled-up piece of paper succeed in spite of it. GED doesn’t quite stand for “Guaranteed, Easy Degree,” but with Shmoop’s guide, (LINK) you will feel like it does.

About Shmoop

Shmoop is a digital curriculum and test prep company that makes fun, rigorous learning and teaching materials. Shmoop content is written by master teachers and Ph.D. students from Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and other top universities. Shmoop Learning Guides, SAT Prep, and Teacher’s Editions balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help students understand how subjects relate to their daily lives. Shmoop offers more than 7,000 titles across the Web, iPhone, Android devices, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. The company has been honored twice by the Webby Awards and was named “Best in Tech” for 2010 and 2011 by Scholastic Administrator Magazine. Launched in 2008, Shmoop is headquartered in a labradoodle-patrolled office in Mountain View, California.


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