Shmoop Snoops the Facebook Profiles and Email Inboxes of the Gods, Launches Free Mythology Learning Guides

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Shmoop, a publisher of digital curriculum and test prep, today announced the launch of Shmoop Mythology at Mythology is the eleventh subject area on Shmoop, which now offers more than 750 free online Learning Guides.

The reaction on Twitter:

Zeus OMGs… @shmoop went all WikiLeaks on us… mere mortals are all up in our Olympian business. SOCTLB* Translation for those not hip to Olympus Twitter lingo: Stomping on Clouds Throwing Lightning Bolts

According to an anonymous Valhalla-based publicist, Shmoop’s team of private investigators infiltrated some seriously personal files and facts about the Greek, Roman, and Norse gods. Included in this info leak of heroic proportions:

    Profiles and Walls: Puzzle at Aphrodite’s “complicated” and oft-changing relationship status. Her favorite quotes? Lyrics from fellow divas Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé.

    Email Inboxes and Diaries: In a leaked email exchange between Thor and his therapist, we learn that the supposedly tough muscleman of the Norse gods has some serious daddy issues.

    Photo Albums: Scope the gods with the beach bods. Peep the latest in toga fashions… Who wore it better? What were they thinking?

    Police Reports: See who got busted. Recidivist shoplifter Mercury, mischief-maker Loki, and drunken party boy Dionysus cannot seem to keep their hijinks out of the gossip blogs.

    Cliques: Navigate the complex social scene of the hallways and school cafeterias of the gods. Know your jocks, the nerds, the mean girls. Survival tip: don’t look at thuggish Neptune the wrong way or he might slam you into the lockers.

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Brady Wood
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