Shopping Smart Just Got Easier! Introducing a Simple Way to Smart Online Shopping

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Much awaited and over a year in the making, Eze Get Online is launching their online smart shopping website. This shopping website promises to be a revolutionary e-commerce program for several reasons, and visitors are already flooding the website even before it's proposed launch in January 2010. The interest that shoppers have shown Eze Get Online is probably because just about everyone likes what Eze Get Online offers – Simple Smart Shopping.

Although it's obvious that online shopping offers shoppers lots of ways to save a lot of money, the process is often complicated and tiresome. Eze Get Online is designed to make the shopping experience simple, useful and enjoyable, so that shoppers no longer have to choose between shopping smart and shopping easy.

Shoppers save money through cash back, which is a rebate on purchases, and coupons. Coupon codes, or sale coupons, are offers from online stores that may be in the form of discounts, sales, or free shipping. Many times Eze Get Online has exclusive coupons and specials from stores, so repeated visits are not a bad idea. Combining cash back and coupons, a lot of money can be saved. Coupons and cash back are offered for all kinds of products, from apparel to books to baby care.

Perhaps the feature that makes Eze Get Online's appeal so ubiquitous is the option to remove the minimum payout amount of $10. This means that shoppers can redeem even, say, $1 in cash back that they have earned while shopping. This give those who shop rarely a chance to redeem cash back from a single, even low amount, purchase, while also giving the skeptics a way to try out the program and make sure that they'll get paid before using it all the time. This is aptly called the FastPayout. If the shopper chooses to accumulate cash back earnings till $10 cash back earned, however, then the advantage is that they may redeem a $5 Sign-Up Bonus, Refer-A-Friend Bonus and all other Bonuses they earn. This is called the SmartPayout. This offering is unique to Eze Get Online, enabling each shopper to earn the maximum depending on individual shopping habits. Further, the shopper can choose between these two options every time they request for their cash back.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the hugely generous Refer-A-Friend scheme, by which users can earn 20% of their referred friend's cash back earnings. Let's say Mike refers Sally to Eze Get Online, and Sally earns $10 in cash back. Just for referring Sally, Eze Get Online pays Mike $2 (20%), and of course Sally still gets the full $10. This happens not just once, but every time Sally earns cash back!

An avid online shopper himself, Ravitej Yadalam, Founder & CEO of Eze Get Online, is committed to providing the best service to help shoppers save more, with less effort, and with a satisfying experience. "I am always skeptical about online programs myself", he states, "and I am easily bored and frustrated while shopping online. I know what every shopper out there is going through, so I put myself in the shoppers' shoes while designing this program." About the shoppers, he says "while creating this program we assumed three things – the shopper has no time, wants to save more, and likes having a good time. Eze Get Online works on these very assumptions. "

About helping people save more money, he states "Success is so much sweeter when it depends directly on making your customers that much richer. The richer our customers get, the happier we are. That is our primary objective."

Tools to make shopping even more simple are offered on the website, and will not be disclosed here. Shoppers are advised to visit Eze Get Online to see for themselves. Be advised, joining early has its benefits. It's probably a good idea to sign-up now and be the first to tell your friends about Eze Get Online. Registering is fast and free, only requiring shoppers to enter their email address and choose a password. It really is that simple.

Part of the proceeds go to the Eze Get Online Foundation, which is the Non-Profit Wing of Eze Get Online. So shoppers are helping the foundation change lives just by shopping.


Ravitej Yadalam
Eze Get Online