ShopSocially and Present Strategies to Boost SEO Rank Using Social Signals

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Leading social commerce platform ShopSocially and a major web development company conducted a joint webinar on July 16th, 2014 to present strategies that help marketers boost SEO rank using social signals. In this webinar, Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially and Tim Ahlenius, Senior Digital Strategist at presented detailed rationale and benefits for these strategies which marketers should adopt to leverage benefit of social signals to improve their site’s SEO Rank.

Marketers have regularly employed routine SEO methods of directory submissions and back-links. But many haven't yet explored the positive influence social can have on SEO strategy. In a recent study, Searchmetrics revealed that social signals influence the SEO rank. Study revealed that 7 out of top 8 SEO ranking factors are social in nature. Based on this, it is pertinent for every marketer to include social in their SEO strategy. To help marketers in this endeavor, Samir and Tim suggested how retailers can unlock the latent power of social to drive SEO rank of their website by employing the below strategies:

1.    Increase Content Sharability via Onsite Social Apps Google’s official blog says that sharing is an important factor impacting the SEO rank. To improve the SEO Rank, marketers should embed onsite social apps on their site to drive higher sharing. To drive shares on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, best strategy marketers can adopt is C2C. ShopSocially’s Share-a-Purchase app encourages users to share their purchases on various sites. In return marketers can incentivize sharing so that customers do social SEO for them. Besides creating valuable social testimonials, these social recommendations also bring in quality social traffic back to retailers website. Retailers can convert customer delight on order completion into SEO boost for their sites.

2.    Optimize shared content for maximum SEO benefit Marketers should optimize the content snippet shared on social media to derive maximum SEO benefit. Besides optimizing the title, description and image for SEO purposes, marketers can also influence the share blurb by asking a leading question in the sharing interface. Leveraging Google Authorship is an important tool for content marketers. It shows the author’s Google Plus profile in the search results, thus increasing the credibility and click-through rate. Marketers must ensure that the product details are included properly in OG tags; product images are indexed and relevant.

3.    Social UGC for SEO benefit Customers are sharing content about their favorite brands on various social media channels. Marketers can convert this social UGC into social brand UGC by getting users to add brand hashtag to their social updates. Hashtag in social SEO is equivalent to keyword in content SEO. It defines the intent of user and increases the searchability of brand on social media. Marketers can aggregate these social testimonials using ShopSocially’s Shopping Community app and curate these precious social referrals into one page. Getting customers to add your brand hashtag enhances brand’s overall digital presence and boosts SEO rank of your website.

4.    Social UGC as Social Proof on site Social user generated content acts as excellent social proof on website. Real-time social buzz by real people with their true social profiles increases the user engagement on site thus increasing the page rank for the site. By embedding ShopSocially’s Product Stories app, marketers can have fresh content on their page regularly and curate these testimonials on their website; product pages etc. This creates powerful “social proof” for users and increases user-engagement, further boosting SEO rank of the website.

“Social commerce is a very important addition for merchants who want to leverage networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive brand impressions, boost SEO rank and increase revenue,” said Tim Ahlenius, Senior Digital Strategist of “Marketers can use’s system to integrate these strategies and boost the SEO rank of their websites”

Social Signals is one of the key parameters for improving the SEO rank. Marketers can increase the SEO rank by maximizing the social signals and embedding the above strategies on their website. ShopSocially’s apps help increase the social reach and searchability on search engines. It also increases the conversion rate, further uplifting sales.

“Adding social modules on e-commerce sites can increase user engagement, sales conversion and boost SEO rank of your website. They can instantly turn an e-commerce website into a word-of-mouth powerhouse.” said Samir Palnitkar, President of ShopSocially. “ provides client-side integration to retailers. Retailers can embed these apps on their website to improve SEO rank.”

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