ShopSocially Infographic Reveals Strategies for Profitable Social Commerce with Facebook

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Leading social commerce platform ShopSocially today released an infographic revealing successful strategies for Internet retailers for social commerce with Facebook. These strategies have driven positive gains for ShopSocially customers. Popular Firearms manufacturer Beretta reported 15% uplift in revenue, creative canvas designer Fabness registered a high sales conversion rate of 33.28% and beauty products retailer Carol’s Daughter earned a positive social ROI of 670%.

Facebook has been a prime source of high quality referral traffic for retailers. Social actions of Likes, Shares through Facebook are also providing SEO benefit for retailers. However in recent past, the declining organic reach of brands’ content on Facebook has made it increasingly difficult for retailers to reap the same marketing benefits from Facebook. In contrast, retailers using onsite social commerce modules are seeing social commerce gains by driving word-of-mouth promotions for their brand on Facebook. They are converting their website visitors and customers into social brand ambassadors. ShopSocially infographic presents these winning C2C social commerce strategies.

“Facebook has been designed as a peer-to-peer communication channel. For generating positive ROI from Facebook, retailers should employ C2C strategies to convert shoppers into social brand ambassadors.” commented Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially. “Word-of-mouth spread of brand on social media is the key to social commerce success."

ShopSocially infographic highlights 4 key social commerce strategies:

1.    Convert website users into Facebook fans Retailers should employ onsite social commerce modules to convert their website users into Facebook fans. Users visiting an e-commerce website have obvious purchase intent. Incentivizing them to become a Facebook fan ensures acquisition of genuine Facebook fanbase. Fabness used this strategy to generate an impressive 33.28% sales conversion rate for their Facebook fanbase.

2.    Encourage customers for social sharing of purchases By converting customers into social brand ambassadors through social sharing of purchases on Facebook, retailers can ensure social spread of their brand; generating quality friend traffic back to their e-commerce stores. This also creates valuable social reviews for retailers. Popular firearms manufacturer Beretta used this strategy to drive numerous social sharing of purchases resulting in an overall revenue uplift of 15%. Beretta generated $19.12 revenue per social shared purchase on Facebook.

3.    Generate deep social insights through Facebook Connect Retailers should encourage website visitors to connect with them through Facebook. This leads to sharing of users’ rich social profile information with retailers, generating deep insights into social persona of customers. Retailers can now identify social influencers for their brand and reward them to create influential social brand endorsers. Beauty retailer Carol’s Daughter used this strategy to earn an overall social ROI of 670% and an uplift of 8% in revenue.

4.    Show social testimonials as social proof on product pages Social reviews generated from social sharing of purchases should be displayed on product pages. These act as social proof and increase the user engagement and sales conversion rate. Private sales site for wine invino used this strategy and saw an increase of 22.22% in sales conversion rate.

Onsite social commerce modules use social media influence on e-commerce website to drive viral spread of the brand. This converts website visitors and shoppers into social ambassadors. By applying C2C social commerce strategies highlighted in ShopSocially’s infographic, retailers can boost their sales conversion rate and increase revenue through word-of-mouth promotions driven by their customers.

About ShopSocially ShopSocially is a SaaS social commerce platform driving millions of dollars in incremental revenue, new customer acquisition, improved SEO rank, growth in Facebook fan base, and word-of-mouth branding for 100s of top brands. ShopSocially platform enables a suite of onsite social apps for ecommerce sites. Examples of these apps include purchase sharing, fan acquisition, shopping community, social SEO, social photo testimonials on mobile and more.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit:


Samir Palnitkar