Skin Care Specialist of Alameda, Skin Deep, Discusses Latest Information onCauses and Solutions for Acne

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — For some, acne does not magically go away when a teenager moves into their 20’s. One of the main complaints adults have about their skin is acne. Skin Deep, an Alameda skin care company, says the newest studies show a combination of environmental lifestyle and generic factors cause acne, and offer suggestions on combating skin problems.

“If you reside in a busy urban area, there are lots of contributing factors to problems with acneic skin beginning with ground level contaminants,” said Deborah Spalla of Skin Deep, skin care specialist in Alameda. “That’s pollution to you and me. There are lots of things flying around us on a daily basis that are horrible for our skin. According to the scientists, we are exposed to 2,500 ground level ozone contaminants in our urban areas.”

Stress, exercise, diet, sleep, and hormones can all contribute to acne. There are other factors that contribute to adult acne, including bacteria from cell phones and other electronic devices. Skin Deep also advises people to periodically clean their cell phones, wash their hands often and keep things away from their face.

The average American cleanses their skin about 20 seconds each wash and they sometimes only wash once per day. This is not enough to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Skin Deep advises that individuals should cleanse their skin, rinse and repeat morning and evening. It is also important to exfoliate and get the top layers of the skin containing dead skin cells off the face. Regular monthly facials with a professional exfoliation will help significantly, using an exfoliate that is appropriate to one’s skin.

Everyone has heard the term “beauty sleep,” but this actually has some merit. The more sleep a person receives on a daily basis; the more likely they are to have good skin.

Either waiting for acne to clear up on its own or popping it would be detrimental to the skin. It is recommended to seek professional help in dealing with a pimple that is resisting treatment.

Common products that are helpful with acne include antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, Retina A-type products, and Accutane. A professional skin care therapist or physician can advise which protocol is best for an individual after a proper consultation.

Alameda’s Skin Deep offers the best possible professional skin care for acne, aging, discoloration, rosacea and hypersensitive skin. Individuals facing the wrath of acne are sure to get the rescue they need from Skin Deep’s clinical treatments.

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