SKY 1 TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Announces Launch of We Are The Map™

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — We Are The Map anticipates burgeoning trends and utilizes the latest technologies to Bring Small Businesses to The Attention of Their Potential Customers. Founder and local search marketing expert Matt Perry helps small businesses take advantage of specialized programs offered by large local search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing.

“Getting listed in all of these search sites is easy; businesses are placed there by virtue of simply existing in one or more online directories,” explains Perry. “The challenge is to get noticed. I created We Are The Map specifically to help any small business to very quickly put themselves in a position to be instantly found by users who are searching for similar services.”

In particular, We Are The Map utilizes Google Tags, a new service for small businesses to help business listings stand out from the rest. Businesses utilizing these tags will enjoy much greater visibility by their target audience. Tags can denote several aspects of a business listing, from coupons to videos to pictures.

“When it comes to Google tags, the trick is to harness them in specific ways that will best appeal to your target market, rather than taking a scatter-shot approach that can waste money and time,” explains Perry. “That’s why we work with our clients one-on-one to develop a strategy that is specifically suited to their unique situation.”

Though only recently launched, We Are The Map is already producing results. In one case, DeHaro Construction, Inc. a commercial and residential construction contractor, moved to the top of the search listings for the keywords “bay area tenant improvements,” which led directly to the company receiving an offer to remodel a Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco financial district. Another saw a children’s birthday party franchise in Fresno called BounceU receive top placement in the Fresno area for several related keywords such as “kids birthday party” and “kids birthday ideas.” The same blueprint for success can easily be applied to other franchises and small businesses.

We Are The Map accepts clients on a case-by-case basis, performing due diligence before committing to work with any particular client. Businesses interested in taking advantage of We Are The Map’s unique suite of services can contact the company via:

About We Are The Map

We Are The Map is the local marketing division of SKY 1 TECHNOLOGIES, a leader in internet marketing in the bay area and beyond. Matt Perry, founder of SKY 1, has over 10 years experience throughout this ever-changing industry and is now putting his considerable expertise to work to help small businesses get the most from local search marketing. Learn more at:


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