Skyfire Launches Horizon, the Next Generation of Mobile Browsing

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Skyfire, the leader in cloud solutions for mobility, today announced the launch of Skyfire Horizon, a next-generation toolbar and extension platform for the mobile browser. Skyfire's Horizon platform, which is embedded on mobile device browsers by participating carriers, brings a level of intelligence to the browsing experience that no default mobile browser currently offers. Horizon allows users to customize and personalize their browser with a variety of social extensions, utilities and in-browser applications that adjust their content based on browsing context, offering these users more relevant recommendations and suggestions.

Skyfire Horizon’s carrier-grade technology – now available to operators worldwide and nationally deployed by a US-based Tier 1 carrier this month – supercharges the mobile experience by allowing users to seamlessly move between apps and browser content, as well as share content from their social networks without leaving a browsing session. Horizon offers one-click access to the Web’s most popular social networks, content and utilities like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia, IMDB and Amazon, among many others. Skyfire Horizon is an upgrade from the traditional linear mobile browsing experience, with dynamic searching and sharing tools that match the user’s instinctive thought process. For example, if the user is browsing a new movie trailer and clicks the IMDB extension, an in-browser window will appear with information on that movie.

One innovation showcased on Horizon is a “personal shopper for offers” provided by Blue Kangaroo. Now a user who is shopping on their mobile device can receive alerts about the best, most relevant deals for the brands they’re visiting, recommendations of related offers to consider, and coupon codes that automatically appear at checkout. This makes shopping on a smartphone easier than ever before. Skyfire is also partnering with Quixey to help users easily discover contextually-relevant applications to download during their browsing sessions, and with Readability for content bookmarking.

Skyfire Horizon is also a fantastic advancement for third-party developers to leverage. Extensions are extremely popular on desktop browsers, but have been non-existent on mobile until now. Skyfire Horizon extends the marketplace for apps, and puts them within the browser on an individual’s mobile device. It’s the fastest and most natural way to get content in front of users. Developers can sign up online to become a part of Skyfire’s Horizon developer network, or by emailing horizon[at] Skyfire is interested in working with third parties individually, as initially this will not be a public framework.

“Our Horizon browser extension platform grows out of learning from over 15 million Skyfire app downloads on Android and iPhone, and now we’re bringing a carrier-grade platform to mobile operators and OEMs worldwide. Horizon lets users customize their browsers with the confidence that the offered extension library won’t slow down their browser nor drain performance, and that the user experience elegantly appears and disappears with a flick, to make the most of screen real estate,” says Jeffrey Glueck, CEO of Skyfire, “We’re thrilled to be bringing Skyfire Horizon to millions of customers by being embedded within carrier-marketed handsets.”

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Skyfire is dedicated to leveraging the power of cloud computing to improve radically the mobile Internet experience for both Operators and Consumers. Skyfire’s solutions include the Rocket Optimizer for video and traffic optimization, and Skyfire Horizon browser extension platform for augmenting mobile browsers. Skyfire products provide game-changing cost savings, better end-user experiences, and compelling increment`al revenue opportunities. Skyfire was recognized as no. 4 on Light Reading’s 2011 Startups to Watch list; was honored by Red Herring as a top 100 private company in America; and won 1st place in the first-ever TIA Venture Network Challenge. As both a laboratory and showcase for new capabilities, Skyfire has honed its technology through a variety of consumer apps, which have more than 15 million downloads to date.

Skyfire is based in Mountain View, Calif., in the heart of Silicon Valley. For more information, visit, or follow Skyfire on Twitter at

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