Sludge to Clear Water – Turman Commercial Painters Uses High Tech to go Green

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Painting is a relatively low tech business, so that makes Turman Commercial Painters, a Northern California based, national commercial painter all the more unique. Turman Commercial Painters, ( is the first in its industry to invest in high technology and other progressive practices to go green. “Our investment in leading edge technology helps reduce the environmental impact of our company, increases our efficiency, and contributes to our client’s environmental initiatives” says Dave Theobald, President and CEO.

Turman was one of the first companies on the West Coast to purchase a specialized AkzoNobel water purification system. This specialized system reduces Turman’s environmental impact by filtering the wash water that comes back from the field from cleaning brushes, rollers and paint sprayers. Each field crew returns buckets of this wash water back to the plant and the wash water is put into the AkzoNobel filter for purification. The result is clean water (according to a rep, he has seen two people drink it, but he wouldn’t recommend that!). The cleaned and filtered water can be sent down normal drainage systems and the remaining inert solid remnants are dried and then can be disposed of normally. Turman has purchased this specialized purification system in each of their offices across the nation. “When we first saw the AkzoNobel filtration system, we knew it would solve the problem of disposing of our paint wash water from the field, in an environmentally friendly manner . We have now purchased this system for each of our offices across the country, taking California’s more stringent environmental standards and applying them as a rule to each of our other national offices,” says Theobald.

Another high technology investment the company has made is the purchase a LifeSize videoconferencing system – the first high definition (HD) videoconferencing system to hit the US market. The high definition video conferencing system eliminates the need for most of their employee travel as the company now holds company-wide staff meetings, leadership meetings, project coordination meetings between offices and functions such as interviews and training via video conferencing. According to Theobald, “face time with and between employees is key to creating relationships and the high definition video conferencing has the benefit of keeping us all connected, while at the same time eliminating all but essential client travel.” Theobald gave the example of last year’s leadership summit, where they flew in 8 – 10 employees from across the country, which included food and accommodations. This year both the costs and the ecological impacts of that travel will be eliminated due to their LifeSize videoconferencing system.

In addition to the investments in the AkzoNobel filter equipment and the LifeSize videoconferencing system the company also recently completed a carbon footprint analysis of 2009 operations – an industry first. On top of its investment in technology, Turman utilizes several other green practices that are landmark in its industry. Turman gives away excess paint to the local communities to reuse and recycle; invests in Prius and Ford Transit vehicles to decrease emissions and reduce fuel consumption; uses zero or low VOC paints where possible and applies sustainable practices on all jobs and has added SharePoint (content management software) to reduce paper use in its offices. “It is in our company DNA to do the right thing – that translates to how we treat our clients, our employees and the environment,” says Theobald. “Our investment in high technology to reduce our impact on the environment, which in turn helps reduce the supply chain footprint of our clients, are other examples of that ideology.”

About Turman Inc. – Turman Commercial Painters and its affiliates provide quality commercial painting services across the United States. Founded in 1972, Turman Commercial Painters is based on the premise of doing the right thing. Company President and CEO Dave Theobald leads the organization with a commitment to customer service and integrity. Turman Commercial Painters provides professional painting services with extensive experience in rebrand, tenant improvement, retail, medical, hospitality and restoration projects, through its multiple offices across the country. For more information see:


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