‘Smoking’ Hot Women Featured in Medical Marijuana Benefit Competition

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Less than two months after the competition was initially announced, online interest for the Miss Medical Marijuana competition has surpassed what anyone at the popular Marijuana news magazine even thought was possible. The contest is taking place as part of ongoing efforts by the Marijuana Legalization movement to gain mainstream support for the cause.

Web site visitors will be given the chance to select who they think should be crowned Miss Medical Marijuana, starting the first of April and ending on the 20th, also known as 4/20 or International Weed Day. Anyone can log on to the web site at PencilMethod.com and vote for whoever they feel is the best candidate.

“It is our belief that through fun, innovative and interactive campaigns such as this one, we’ll be able to more effectively spread vital knowledge to young adults, many of whom already support our struggle without truly understanding why it’s important,” a representative of the PencilMethod.com staff said.

Aside from gorgeous pot smoking babes, the online news magazine provides a wide array of regularly updated news stories, legal advice, and medical information. They also provide great recipes for those who prefer to digest rather than inhale their medicine. There are even some very interesting guides on how practically anyone can grow the best ‘homegrown’ discretely inside their bedroom closet.

This exciting online Medical Marijuana news magazine is definitely one that should be kept bookmarked. Global support for Marijuana Legalization is rapidly rising, who knows when you might find yourself reading information relevant to legislative processes taking place where you live.

For more information or to place your contest vote, visit PencilMethod.com’s Miss Medical Marijuana page today.

About PencilMethod.com:

PencilMethod.com is the fastest growing Medical Marijuana magazine to date. Based primarily in Amsterdam, the wonder of the internet allows this magazine to be run by several lifetime supporters of the legalization movement across the globe. The magazine features the latest cannabis related news as well as educational guides and legal assistance. It has plans for major expansion in the near future. PencilMethod.com currently boasts a readership of over ten thousand visitors per day.


Mario Lafleur
PENCIL METHOD Medical Marijuana News Magazine