Social Connect Scores Big for MonogramHub, Conversion Rate up to 10.23%

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — MonogramHub, a trusted name in personalized jewelry, has seen an impressive sales conversion rate of 10.23% using ShopSocially’s Social Connect app. Using this social commerce app from ShopSocially, MonogramHub has been able to convert website visitors into email subscribers and generate brand endorsements on social media. This app has also helped MonogramHub acquire social profile data of its website users, providing deep insights into the social persona of its customers.

Data-driven insights into the customers’ decision-making process are important inputs for the success of any marketing campaign. ShopSocially’s Social Connect app enables brands to gather these insights and increase the brand’s overall online presence. This app leverages the powerful Facebook Connect feature to virally acquire a rich social profile for each user which includes a genuine email address. This data is presented in an aggregated view, providing brands a deep dive into the social persona of its customer-base.

MonogramHub is using Social Connect to encourage website users to connect with their brand on Facebook. As users connect with the brand, they share their rich social profile data that includes an email address, birthday, age, gender, location, interests, friend graph and so on.

In addition, users are offered incentives to write a small story about why they chose the MonogramHub brand. This strategy has created several social posts on Facebook by customers endorsing MonogramHub brand, resulting in quality friend-referral traffic for their website. Thus, MonogramHub has been able to acquire rich profiles virally. An impressive 10.23% of users who interacted with this app ended up making a purchase at MonogramHub.

“Social media marketing is continuously evolving and has become an instrumental tool to establish a deeper connect with customers,” said Pedro Ventura, Business Development Manager at, “ShopSocially’s Social Connect app has helped us gain a better understanding of our customers’ preferences and is giving us an amazing uplift in the sales conversion rate.”

MonogramHub is also using another app from ShopSocially called Photomonials. This app enables MonogramHub to aggregate customer photos or “selfies” shared on social channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and showcase them in an attractive gallery form on their website. These customer photos act as visual social referrals from real customers and increase site engagement rate. It also enhances social discovery of products on the MonogramHub website.

“Next-gen email acquisition tools like Social Connect are of immense value for marketers because they add a viral component, generate social endorsements for brand, and allow marketers to comprehend better the buying psychology of their customers,” said Samir Palnitkar, President of ShopSocially. “We are happy to see MonogramHub benefiting significantly from the innovative email acquisition and social-insight generation strategies enabled by ShopSocially.”

About MonogramHub MonogramHub serves as a virtual store for the shoppers who are looking out for quality personalized jewelry. With over 20 years of experience in offering excellent jewelry, the company strives to keep their customers happy with innovative methods. MonogramHub uses an attractive combination of latest technology and jewelry art to deliver master pieces that are loved by their customers. The company has positioned itself as the central point of their customers’ desire for personalized jewelry.

About ShopSocially ShopSocially is a premium, social, referral and loyalty platform for marketers. Leading brands like Crabtree & Evelyn, CafePress, Zipcar, ULTA, Beretta etc. are using ShopSocially platform to enable referral marketing, visual commerce, customer loyalty, social login, social gamification and other such programs on their site.

ShopSocially has been consistently driving word-of-mouth promotions via social for 1000s of brands and delivering positive social ROI for their social media efforts. ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit


Vibhushan Waghmare