Solar Customers Ecstatic About Experience of Going Solar, According to New BrightCurrent Study

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — •    91% of solar customers interviewed would recommend solar to their friends.     Customers that went with a solar lease would recommend solar at a 94% rate.     Customers that went with a solar purchase would recommend solar at an 87% rate.

The verdict is in. The vast majority of homeowners that have gone solar are highly positive about their experience and would recommend solar to their friends. While the general public’s perception of solar continues to be mixed, reviews from those who actually have solar are undeniably positive.

The research study was generated from interviews BrightCurrent held with over 200 solar customers who had installed solar within the last five years through over 30 different installation companies. The findings are in in line with earlier studies by researchers at Yale and NYU that demonstrate that solar consumers are quick to recommend solar to their friends and neighbors.

Driven by the growth of solar financing and reductions in solar energy equipment prices, the residential solar industry grew dramatically over the last three years, doubling in 2011 and growing by an additional 60% in 2012. In addition to lower prices and increased access to financing, a growing base of happy customers have compounded residential solar market growth.

“This effect of one’s neighbors experiencing solar will undoubtedly be a major factor in the continued growth of the residential solar industry,” said Kenneth Gillingham of Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

The challenge for solar is not the cost or the technology – it’s consumer awareness. Consumers continue to be very misinformed about the affordability and ease of switching to solar. As solar companies struggle to lower customer acquisition costs, they are relying more and more on this base of happy solar customers to spread the word.    

“Positive customer experiences drive the growth of residential solar. With little name brand recognition and widespread misperceptions on costs, solar companies are relying more and more on the power of social networks to fuel demand,” says BrightCurrent CEO, John Bourne.

Introducing BrightCurrent: BrightCurrent is the nation’s leading in-store marketing and sales company for the solar industry. BrightCurrent’s platform enables its partners to efficiently scale in-store lead generation campaigns and better maximize the retail opportunity. Likewise, its website is the premier destination for homeowners looking for competitive solar bids from its network of certified solar installation partners.

“Our mission is to use education to drive widespread adoption of solar. People are interested in solar, but they often need a one-on-one conversation to fully understand the value proposition,” says BrightCurrent CFO, Jack Bertuzzi.

Founded in early 2012 and with offices in New York and California, BrightCurrent’s staff of 60 has generated over 11,000 customers in less than two years. In addition to its retail customer acquisition business, BrightCurrent certifies solar installers, providing a seal of approval in a fragmented market with thousands of suppliers of variable quality. The network is currently comprised of over 100 installers in 24 states. Additionally, BrightCurrent keeps diagnostic price monitoring to ensure that only the most cost competitive solar companies are servicing its customer base.

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