SolarNexus Adds Financing, Now Provides Solar Contractors with Full Spectrum of Services

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — SolarNexus, the industry leader in web-based solar business management software, has broadened the range of offerings available in its supplier network by adding access to customer financing to its range of products and services for solar contractors.

With a click of the mouse, SolarNexus users can now seamlessly offer their customers leasing through SolarNexus’ first financing partner and industry pioneer Sungevity. The availability of Sungevity’s Solar Lease via SolarNexus allows solar contractors to increase their sales through its zero-down lease program.

By partnering with Sungevity, SolarNexus has expanded the ecosystem of products and services offered over the platform. SolarNexus users can electronically order from leading hardware suppliers, premier subcontractors throughout the industry, and now, have access customer financing.

“SolarNexus is all about making solar contractors, and by extension, the rest of the solar industry more successful,” said Eric Alderman, SolarNexus President/CEO. “By accessing a full spectrum of products and services, now including the critical element of customer financing, solar contractors can get everything they need to run, manage and grow their company in one spot and manage their businesses more efficiently and profitably than ever before.”

Sungevity Preferred Installers will benefit from using the powerful SolarNexus software system to streamline operations and to grow rapidly. Tracking leads and managing projects can be done in a standard, scalable way for all of their projects thereby making solar contractors that are part of the Sungevity network more efficient than their competitors.

“Like Sungevity, SolarNexus is a leader in providing innovative, web-based solutions to the solar marketplace,” said Alec Guettel, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Sungevity. “Our partnership with SolarNexus provides installers with the industry’s only end to end productivity software system, which will increase efficiency and help them to grow their margins and sales opportunities.”

Brian Allison, President of Element Power Systems Inc. in Brentwood, California, is an experienced solar contractor that sees the addition of Sungevity financing as a major boon to his business. “As an integrator, this is a dream come true. The ability to use the SolarNexus software to make my company more efficient for free, coupled with the opportunity to obtain financing for my cash-strapped clients is going to make our company significantly more competitive and successful.”

SolarNexus will continue to expand and enhance both its productivity software and the marketplace opportunities for solar contractors through additional partnerships throughout the industry. The initial release of Sungevity-related functionality within SolarNexus will be available in September. For more information about SolarNexus, visit

About Sungevity

Sungevity’s online iQuote process and Solar Lease program make it easy and affordable for homeowners to benefit from solar power. Leveraging web-based solar analytics and satellite imagery, Sungevity can provide homeowners with a firm, same day quote without a home visit and provide savings on their electricity bills. This affordability and ease of use, combined with Sungevity’s solar social network strategy, is all part of Sungevity’s mission to accelerate solar into the mainstream. For more information, visit

About SolarNexus

SolarNexus Inc. provides web-based solar business management software that makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to sell, install and maintain solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the solution understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eliminating inefficiencies and facilitating collaboration among project team members and externally with the SolarNexus Supplier Network. SolarNexus is free to solar contractors for up to 10 users, and now offers a Professional edition for contractors who need more user licenses, more extensive automation, and greater customization. For more information visit


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