SolarNexus Adds Lead Management and Technical Design Features to SolarNexus Business Platform

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Berkeley, Calif.: SolarNexus Inc., an emerging provider of software solutions that accelerate the installation of solar power systems, has enhanced the range of services available to solar system contractors and installers from within the SolarNexus solar business management platform. The new services, which include specialized technical design capabilities and lead generation, are enabled through partnerships with two recognized leaders in the sector: Solmetric and GetSolar, respectively.

“Our partnerships with Solmetric and GetSolar enable us to add highly differentiated functionality to our online platform and deliver significant value to solar installers,” said Eric Alderman, president and CEO of SolarNexus. “A core benefit of our software is that we can smoothly integrate services from complementary online service providers and continually expand the range of valuable services we offer our users.”

Solmetric enhances technical design capabilities of SolarNexus

Solar installation companies can accelerate their business by using a wide variety of products and services that help increase revenues or lower costs. New functionality added through the partnership with Solmetric gives installers the ability to capture and upload Solmetric SunEye™ shade analysis data, measure the azimuth angle of roof surfaces remotely from aerial photos, and then export site and project information directly to Solmetric PV Designer™. Solar installers can then use PV Designer to draw a roof outline, specify SunEye measurement locations, drag and drop modules, size the string, check inverter limits, and simulate the AC energy output.

“As Solmetric continues to innovate our tools and services, we are always looking for ways to make them more readily available to solar installers. Our partnership with SolarNexus provides a new way for installers to access our PV Designer software with a seamless integration into the SolarNexus project management, configuration, and financial analysis features. The goal is to make installers more efficient in the sales, site evaluation and design phases, while reducing project overhead,” said Willard MacDonald, Solmetric CEO.

GetSolar boosts sales management capabilities of SolarNexus

Recognizing the fact that the solar business is an increasingly competitive market, SolarNexus is also partnering with GetSolar. This partnership gives existing GetSolar users a way of using their lead data more efficiently, and provides SolarNexus users access to highly qualified sales leads. Leads can be tracked and managed by the SolarNexus platform, along with all client relationship and project management activities, providing integrated business development and customer management.

“Through our partnership with SolarNexus, GetSolar will provide solar contractors a new avenue to buy and leverage our highly qualified leads, while also connecting consumers with high-quality installers in their neighborhood,” said Matt Jennison, GetSolar CEO.

“Integrating Solmetric’s industry-leading design tools enables users to more quickly, easily and accurately configure systems for their customers, and is a natural fit with our business management platform,” added Alderman. “At the same time, installers have continuously found GetSolar leads to be highly qualified and a great way to increase their project pipeline. This partnership means installers can be more efficient since customer data is entered directly into the SolarNexus platform, without the installer needing to repeatedly type in the customer’s contact information at each phase of the project.”

Pricing and availability

Some of the features mentioned in this release are available today, while others are slated for release later this quarter and early 2011. Features are continually being added to the software; please check for the latest update. SolarNexus is currently offering solar system installers free access to the SolarNexus platform for up to 10 users. Companies that wish to add more than 10 users should contact SolarNexus for further information. To sign up for SolarNexus, visit:

About the SolarNexus Business Platform

Designed by experts with deep understanding of the inefficiencies and communications challenges that complicate and delay the completion of solar installation projects every day, the SolarNexus business platform acts as an expert project manager that captures and understands the intricacies of selling and deploying solar projects, as well as the roles and needs of personnel throughout the value chain.

Unlike narrowly focused point solutions and ad-hoc manual processes that are often the tools of the trade for solar installers, SolarNexus is an online system designed specifically for the solar industry —and one that optimizes business performance on solar projects across the entire project lifecycle. The platform automatically maintains and updates general processes, product and component listings, current utility rates, rebate information, and other elements essential for accurately specifying and managing a complex solar install.

About Solmetric Solmetric is a world supplier of tools for solar installers. Its product offerings include: the Solmetric SunEye shade analysis tool for fast, professional solar site evaluation; the Solmetric PV Designer software for easy design and simulation of PV systems; and the Solmetric PV Analyzer for measuring I-V and power curves to verify performance at the time of system commissioning or for troubleshooting a failing system. For more information visit:

About GetSolar GetSolar is a leader in the fast growing market of lead generation services for residential and light commercial solar integrators (installers). As a performance marketing company GetSolar provides high value pre qualified leads to solar integrators for both residential and commercial projects. GetSolar also provides consultation and project development services to early stage commercial applicants seeking to navigate the solar adoption process. Further information at:

About SolarNexus SolarNexus Inc. provides software that makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to install, manufacture, and sell solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the solution understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eliminating inefficiencies and facilitating collaboration among project team members. SolarNexus is completely Web-based and is free to solar system installers for up to 10 users. For more information, or to get a free account, visit


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