SolarNexus Now Provides One-Click Ordering from Leading Hardware Suppliers

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — SolarNexus, the industry leader in web-based solar business management software, has reduced the time and complexity required for solar contractors to order hardware from the industry’s top suppliers. Until now, solar contractors manually managed multiple supplier catalogs, redundantly entered product details into order forms or managed many different online portals to order their equipment. With SolarNexus, they can now directly send Purchase Orders or Requests for Quotes to major suppliers with a single click.

Access to this ordering functionality is free as part of every SolarNexus account, including the Standard Edition. Hardware suppliers typically offer their products at the same prices or lower ones and there are no additional fees to contractors ordering via SolarNexus.

SolarNexus has initially partnered with the following hardware suppliers to provide one-click ordering:      AEE Solar      CivicSolar      pvXchange Together, these partners offer SolarNexus users access to one of the most expansive solar product catalogs in the industry. “We’re excited to connect these and other leading distributors, manufacturers, and service providers with solar contractors in a way that lowers the cost of interaction for both sides at the same time,” said Eric Alderman, President/CEO of SolarNexus.

AEE Solar, a leader among the nation’s top solar distributors, provides everything needed to design, install, upgrade and maintain renewable energy power systems. Its network of 3500 leading solar contractors can now use SolarNexus to more efficiently run their business operations in areas such as lead management, project management, and quote creation, and now more quickly, easily, and accurately place orders and requests. This allows qualified solar contractors to achieve even lower overhead.

Jason Pugh, an AEE Solar dealer with Energy Concepts of Fresno, California, is excited about the partnership. “SolarNexus allows my company to save time on purchasing and avoid data entry errors, and it’s free. Becoming more efficient than our competitors helps increase our margins and close rates. We used to be the company that spent extra time doing things manually but those days are gone for good. We finally have a solution in SolarNexus that provides project management, lead management, workflow progress, and a very flexible proposal tool, and now we can order our equipment too.”

“We’re excited to offer our dealers the ability to streamline their business operations in yet another way,” said Matthew Woods, Vice President and General Manager of AEE Solar. “We’ve evaluated the various software products on the market, and concluded that SolarNexus provides the most comprehensive solution our dealers need to run their businesses more efficiently. By managing their projects and ordering their equipment from AEE Solar via SolarNexus, our dealers can lower their costs and become more competitive. AEE Solar’s collaboration with Solar Nexus is consistent with our strategic goal to provide our dealer network with the very best tools and services to help them succeed in the solar market place.”

CivicSolar, a pioneer in direct solar equipment distribution, offers a full selection of modules and balance-of-system hardware from the industry’s leading manufacturers. CivicSolar’s online distribution model allows it to provide its customers with exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and superior selection. All of CivicSolar’s equipment is pre-qualified based on price, performance history and long-term reliability, giving SolarNexus users the right equipment at a competitive price for every project.

“With the SolarNexus partnership, we are now able to offer a wider range of services leveraging the web,” said Michael Goldberg, CivicSolar’s President “Our customers can now not only order product online, but also can manage the technical details of their projects online.”

pvXchange, the global B2B exchange platform for photovoltaic components, will now provide SolarNexus users access to its trading system and procurement services. pvXchange acts as a distribution and sales channel for vendors and as a procurement source and decision-making tool for solar installers and distributors. In this way, the company serves the solar module and component markets and brings together the multiple tiers of the PV solar industry’s supply chain. pvXchange offers solar contractors the ability to purchase hardware from a worldwide network of vendors. In 2010, pvXchange traded approximately 184MW of solar modules representing over 200 brands on its exchange platform.

“pvXchange helps installers make good procurement decisions by delivering un-paralleled market information, which our clients can leverage by using SolarNexus,” states Elliott Gansner, GM Manager for North America at pvXchange.

With this software release, hardware ordering capability has been added to the platform’s offering of subcontracted services. SolarNexus allows solar contractors to efficiently manage their business by partnering with industry-leading organizations to eliminate project bottlenecks and efficiently procure equipment via the expanded SolarNexus Supplier Network. To learn more about SolarNexus and its partners, visit

About SolarNexus SolarNexus Inc. provides web-based solar business management software that makes it cheaper, faster and more profitable to install, manufacture, and sell solar systems. Designed specifically for the solar industry, the solution understands and automates the workflows and intricacies of solar projects, eliminating inefficiencies and facilitating collaboration among project team members and externally with the SolarNexus Supplier Network. SolarNexus is free to solar installers for up to 10 users, and now offers a more robust Professional version for installers with greater need for more user licenses, automation, and customization. For more information visit

About AEE Solar AEE Solar Inc. is one of America’s oldest, largest and most respected wholesale distributors of renewable energy systems and equipment. The company serves customers nationwide with warehouses and sales offices in Southern California, Utah, Florida, the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast. AEE Solar offers best-in-class product selection across a wide range of renewable energy applications, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, business training and deep technical expertise.

About CivicSolar CivicSolar is an innovative solar distributor partnering with installers and developers throughout North America. Its distribution model allows it to negotiate costs directly with global manufacturers on behalf of its customers and pass along the savings. CivicSolar offers a full selection of modules and balance-of-systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers. All of its solar equipment is pre-qualified based on performance history and long-term reliability. CivicSolar provides the engineering experience, installation know-how and web tools to help its installer customers find the right equipment for every job. Its dedicated customer support team is focused on helping its customers win more projects and build successful businesses.

About pvXchange pvXchange was founded in 2004 and has been growing at a rate of 100 percent each year: in 2010, it had a transaction volume of over €300 million. Access to this volume of sales data allows the online platform a deep insight into the photovoltaic industry, both internationally and across the various levels of the industry, from manufacturer to installation.


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