Source Point Associates Brings 3D Wireless Circuitry Manufacturing Expertise to the West Coast

Brentwood, California (EastBayDaily) — For years, manufacturers in many industries have been using hardwired components in devices they need to produce. But, in the last decade, technological innovations have made hardwired components a thing of the past. Now, laser direct structuring is becoming the most common method for producing a variety of components used in medical devices, security shields, automotive sensors, and GPS antennas.

“This is an exciting new field that enables the potential to save money for multiple types of industries,” said Source Point Associates’ Larry Megugorac. Laser direct structuring (LDS) works by creating a wireless circuit pattern on a variety of non-conducting materials.

The benefits for companies choosing to use LDS to manufacture their components are as follows: Reduced bill of materials Elimination of wiring and interconnects Minimal assembly time Improved reliability Reduced product size and weight Production system cost reduction

LDS can be used to assist in the creation of a variety of products used in many industries, including insulin pump chassis, hearing aids, dental tools, and glucose meters for the health industry, and RFID tags often used in credit cards, cell phones, and point of sales devices.

Source Point Associates not only focuses on helping clients create an exceptional product and moving it to market, but it also places a high emphasis on impeccable customer service.

“[I] met Larry at a tradeshow and I was immediately struck by how quick he was to understand my exact prototyping needs and offer good, relevant, solutions from his network. Larry has a genuine passion for representing his clients and getting them past the obstacles to success. You’re in great hands with Larry,” said Mike Thietvoldt, president of Jackrabbit Devices, LLC.

About Source Point Associates: Source Point Associates was founded in 2008 when Larry Megugorac realized there was a strong, growing, and exciting market for 3D MID devices on the West Coast. Source Point Associates currently assists manufacturing companies by acting as their representatives. The company helps businesses in a variety of manufacturing industries, including the medical, 3D printing, and prototyping sectors, take their products from concept to market, while showing them methods for improving their technology and streamlining costs.


Larry Megugorac
Source Point Associates