South Bristol High School Launches Adaptive Learning Program to Promote Interaction on Individual Basis

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — "Adaptive Learning" is one of the terms used to describe interactive, digital and Internet-based software programs that are used to provide education. Similar to social media, these tools can be accessed easily from cell phones and hand-held devices. These tools empower students as they can access their digital portals anywhere and anytime.

Working on the mission, South Bristol High School has implemented this suite of software to promote online education and make it more convenient, user-friendly and accessible to everyone. The high school management believes that implementing such interactive online tools will yield positive and measurable outcomes, enhancing the way students get their education.

“We have made a wise investment”, said the South Bristol High School President. “The study done by psychologist Benjamin Bloom shows that the closer teaching comes to a one-on-one interaction, the more effective it is. Adaptive Learning Program (ALP) is that interaction platform. A High School Diploma is one of the most basic needs of young people today in the United States, and South Bristol is striving to make it easier and more accessible to students”, he adds.

In today’s world, online education is growing at a very fast pace. Numerous colleges and universities have launched their online education programs in recent times due to an increasing demand among the masses. Many students and professionals opt for online learning mainly because of the convenience, flexibility and affordability it offers in comparison to the traditional education system. This allows them to study while pursuing their personal and professional commitments at the same time.

Using help of advanced technologies like the ALP is now a crucial part of South Bristol High School’s short-term plans. In addition to that, the school is constantly making efforts in order to promote high quality and affordable education by launching various online learning programs such as the ALP.

About South Bristol High School: South Bristol High School is an internationally recognized and accredited online high school offering online diploma programs to students worldwide. South Bristol High School is proud of the fact that its educational curriculum is very comprehensive and dynamic. South Bristol High School faculty comprises of the world’s most leading and renowned educationists and industry experts.

The online high school diploma program is specifically designed for home schooling students, working adults, special people & house wives who cannot attend traditional educational due to personal or professional commitments. The High school strives to provide its students with exciting services which enable them to pursue their academic and career goals. These services have been designed keeping in mind the diverse needs and requirements of students and alumni.


Steve McCoy
South Bristol High School