SpeakinMotion Announces a September iPad Giveaway for the Speech Language Community

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — SpeakinMotion LLC, a worlwide provider of speech therapy solutions, announces iPad Giveaway for the month of September. The contest is being hosted on SpeakinMotion’s Facebook page and is geared towards speech impaired individuals, speech language pathologists, and caregivers.

Apple’s iPad has revolutionized how speech pathologists and caregivers use technology in their speech therapy plan. The easy-to-use design of the iPad has helped adults with limitations and children with special needs take to the device more quickly. Innovative companies have used Apple’s platform to develop speech therapy apps. One such company, SpeakinMotion, has created applications to deliver a unique approach to speech therapy called VAST®. The VAST approach is a research based application of video technology to facilitate and improve communication abilities for speech-impaired individuals. Following close-up video of mouth movements, combined with visual and auditory cues allows individuals to readily produce speech. Many individuals with speech language disorders such as apraxia and aphasia have successfully used VAST to communicate.

The reality is not everyone is fortunate enough to own an iPad. This giveaway will give someone a great tool to aid in their speech language therapy plan.

To be eligible to win, contestants must like SpeakinMotion’s facebook page.The contest will also have free weekly drawings for free VAST apps. Current VAST users have the opportunity to greatly increase their chances of winning by submitting pictures or video of VAST in practice. For more information and to enter visit SpeakinMotion’s Facebook page http://bit.ly/SpeakinMotionFBiPadGiveaway

SpeakinMotion was founded in 2008 to bring VAST to a larger population of speech-impaired individuals and speech professionals. VAST was pioneered at the Stroke Comeback Center in Virginia, where the program has significantly impacted a number of its members. Internal and independent trial programs have since been developed with over 12 test sites. The research has shown that many speech impaired individuals are able to acquire speech with the assistance of VAST. SpeakinMotion products include VAST applications, custom recording service, and subscription service that plans to be launched in the near future.


Sean Keegan