Sports + Orthopedic Leaders Offers Functional Movement Screens

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Sports + Orthopedic Leaders offers functional movement screens to discover asymmetry and to determine whether or not an athlete is at risk for injury. The screens are used to improve the way an athlete moves and to discover hidden weaknesses, prevent injury, promote improved performance and enhance an athlete’s potential.

Sports + Orthopedic Leaders selective functional movement assessment testing is a new approach for the treatment of pain and dysfunction. The standardized clinical model ensures isolating the root cause of an injury to a comprehensive movement pattern-based assessment. The functional movement screens are available in all of three of their locations in Santa Cruz, Oakland, and Walnut Creek with Certified Athletic Trainers and Sports Physical Therapists.

“The FMS is a great objective tool to help identify dysfunctional underlying movement patterns that may contribute to an injury. The last thing a person should do is to put a lot of work and training on top abnormal or faulty movement strategies. It only increases the potential for injury. Most weak links can be improved with a little bit of effort in the right direction. We use this as a foundation in our training programs to develop stability and improve muscle activation patterns,” said said Tammara Moore, DPT, OCS Doctor of Physical Therapy Board, SOL.

Normal movement is achieved through the integration of fundamental movement patterns with an adequate balance of mobility and stability in any task that we may perform SOL uses a systematic approach to identify asymmetries or dysfunction using this system.

Specifically, the Functional Movement Screen is a ranking and grading system created to objectively document movement patterns that are essential to normal functioning. By screening for these patterns, limitations and asymmetries are quickly identified. The Functional Movement Screen Score helps to target the problem and can be used to track progress. The scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore optimal movement patterns.

The Functional Movement Screens is the product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement, which is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are important to normal function. The benefits of using functional movement testing are that it creates a functional baseline to mark progress, can improve fitness, athletic and performance in work, life or play. It can reduce the potential for injuries. Further selective movement testing that SOL uses allows them accurately assess and identify physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknesses. SOL’s approach targets the correct exercises to improve the foundation of one’s movement patterns, getting to the root cause of pain and injury quickly and effectively.

Interested clients can visit the company’s website at or call Sports + Orthopedic Leaders at (510) 547-1630.

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Tammara Moore