Square Jellyfish Introduces New Micro Ball Head for Use with Pocket Cameras and Tripods

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Square Jellyfish is adding to its line of helpful accessories with a new pocket-sized Micro Ball Head that will be perfect for any photographer who wants to add camera angle flexibility to a tripod. The Micro Ball Head works with standard tripods or small tripods that may not have a ball joint.

Ideal for photography hobbyists on the go, the Square Jellyfish Micro Ball Head is portable and easy to use as a piece that fits between a camera and tripod. It can be mounted quickly to any tripod screw mount on the bottom, and a pocket camera on the top. The miniature ball head allows a camera to be positioned at many different angles while holding a camera steady to take a picture.

“The micro nature of this product allows photographers to have tremendous flexibility in the pictures they can take,” said Judie Kuhn, Square Jellyfish product manager. “This new product can enable a photographer to take photos from many different angles anytime, anywhere, yet it’s small enough to tuck in to a pocket, purse or bag.”

Photography enthusiasts can use the Micro Ball Head for hands-free positioning of a camera, which can be swiveled 360 degrees. It is designed to support lightweight, compact cameras or phones up to 9 ounces.

The Square Jellyfish Micro Ball Head weighs only 0.3 ounces, measures 1 ½” x 11/16” and has a diameter about the size of a dime. Available now exclusively from Amazon.com, each Square Jellyfish Micro Ball Head is $5.95. The Micro Ball Head is available alone or in a combination pack that includes the Square Jellyfish Pocket Tripod for $10.95.

Another in a new collection of consumer accessories with the Square Jellyfish label, this Micro Ball Head complements other Square Jellyfish products, which include small cases to store Apple ear buds that double as a stand for a smartphone or tablet, pocket-friendly tripods and a small mount to make picture taking easier for a smartphone. Designed in the U.S.A., Square Jellyfish patents are pending.

For more information and for photos demonstrating how the Square Jellyfish Micro Ball Head can be used with a variety of cameras and positions, visit http://www.squarejellyfish.com


Sue Van Brocklin
Coates Kokes