Start Up Has Solution To America’s Debt Problem

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) —, the start up bill pay service, that makes paying monthly bills and credit cards both fun and interactive, has developed an innovative solution to solving the Nation’s personal debt problem. With consumer Debt at $2.45 trillion (98% percent of which is made up of credit cards), Americans are getting no help from their Banks and Washington. solution to reducing America’s personal debt, is to get people to start thinking of paying their monthly bills as a fundraising activity, with their family and friends.

Here is how the company’s unique system works: Members host a group bill pay fundraiser with their family, friends and co-workers. Each and every person in the group makes a matching contribution to the group bill pay fund. At this point, each person must campaign like a Politician for as many votes from their family, friends and co-workers as they can get by phone, text message and email. After all the votes are counted, the person who has a majority of the votes is awarded the group bill pay fund.

Similar to fundraising for your favorite candidate or charity, the key to reducing America’s personal debt, is to get people to contribute to one another, by sharing the bill pay process. thinks their one of a kind bill pay system, is both novel and effective at reducing the credit card debt millions of American’s are facing today.

About is headquartered in Oakland,Ca. For more information please visit email: contact(at)startraising(dot)com or call:1-800-370-4712


Lydia Malit