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Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — As the saying goes,"What's in a name?", to the answer was "everything".The start up from Oakland, Ca realized that it was having an identity crisis that was causing confusion to potential new members and decided that a name change was needed. In the last two months the staff at, did some serious soul searching, and realized that if it was going to take their product to the next level, and connect with more users, it needed to change its name and define its mission, more clearly.

Realizing that what they created was so unique in the marketplace, the company name needed to match the originality of their creation. After careful consideration the team came up with the perfect name: "". Next, the staff needed to define exactly what the identity of their innovative product was.

" is a fundraiser for bills, that feels like a game", said President Lydia Malit, "It's a billpay game!". After doing a search, they realized that the term, 'billpay game' did not exist. Shortly before changing their name to, the company posted the definition of 'Billpay game' on the website, Urban Dictionary. A billpay game is defined as a winner take all game where the losing contestants must pay for one of the winning players monthly bills.

The billpay game that created is unlike any other game, because it is not a game of chance or risk, but more like a Political campaign.The goal is for each player to navigate their way to the top of the leaderboard, by making offers (and counter offers) for more votes.The billpay fundraiser was designed to bring family,friends and co-workers together to play a fun game that results in one of the contestants getting a bill paid.

To begin, a player joins then invites family, friends or co-workers to also join each player makes a matching contribution with their debit or credit card to create a group billpay fund. Each player receives 10 votes, which they must use to elect another person in the group, besides themselves that makes them the best offer for their votes (Watch their dog or babysit) via phone, text or email.

Since each player can modify their 10 votes at anytime during the billpay game, no lead is ever safe on the real time leaderboard. To prevent alliances, each player can only see who is ranked number one and their current ranking. The eventual winner is always the one who campaigned until the very end for votes. Winning a majority of the vote means that a monthly bill, like a phone or cable bill, is paid for by your family and friends.That's what makes so much fun and keeps players coming back for more

About is headquartered in Oakland,Ca. For more information please visit email: contact(at)Billplay(dot)com or call:1-800-370-4712


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