Strapak: The Organizer Frontpack — A Gift Idea for Recreational Enthusiasts, Travelers, Business Professionals and Leisure Seekers

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Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — Looking for a great gift idea? Introducing Strapak , the world’s first organizer frontpack for Him or for Her. Keeps all of the essentials like a cell phone, cash, keys, ID, passport, license and pocket pc close at hand while being engaged in recreational activities, traveling, interacting and doing business with others and enjoying leisure time. This unique gift idea is sure to please everyone from that hard-to-please person, to a special someone.

As a unique gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts, Strapak is sleek and lightweight yet its rugged design ensures feeling comfortable while bicycling, climbing, hiking or skiing. This pack is no ordinary messenger bag as it keeps items organized and upfront in full view. Designed for entire small personal item needs from keys and spare change to a pair of shades. As a luxury gift idea for travelers, Strapak saves time from digging around in bags or packs for license, passport or important documents that need to be presented on the spot. As a corporate gift idea, Strapak keeps up with busy schedules. No more placing items down while being preoccupied and then accidentally leaving them behind. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and preferred by business professionals over the unsightly image of bulging pockets crammed with all of your stuff. As a leisure gift idea, Strapak means convenience and easy access. No more being asked to check in a bag, pack or purse at the entrance of merchandise stores. With its sleek innovative design, Strapak is received favorably at every place of business.

Strapak was invented by Tarik Karenga, son of Dr. Maulana Karenga who is the creator of the African American holiday of Kwanzaa. In addition to being an inventor, Tarik Karenga speaks professionally at colleges, corporations and associations. He is also the author of “Libation for our Ancestors: A Family and Communal Activity at Kwanzaa” and “The Pharaohs’ 5 Laws of Success: Action Steps of Ancient Super Achievers.” Publish date: 2009 / 2010.

Strapak is available on-line at in the colors black, navy, burgundy and khaki. Strapak also makes a great gift for many occasions where any of the additional types of gifts are in order: Valentine gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, Kwanzaa gifts, graduation gifts and it completes any gift basket. Strapak, get in the forefront! ™

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