Swan Solar, a Residential Solar Company Providing Solar Power for Homes, is Taking Root in Northern California and Promoted Tristan Becker to General Manager

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Swan Solar, headquartered in Lake Forest, California, is organizing a base of operations in the Walnut Creek area to offer its supreme services and expertise in residential solar systems supplying solar power for your home. Swan Solar is also proud to announce the promotion of Tristan Becker to General Manager. Tristan has been with the company for five years and has exhibited exceptional leadership, technical and managerial acumen, determination, motivation, and charisma. Working closely with customers, he has provided many people with a quality product that enhances their lives as well as their wallets. With the success Tristan has helped the company to achieve, it is fitting to have him lead operations in Swan Solar’s new satellite office in the Walnut Creek area.

The Swan company consists of Swan Pools, the largest independent pool builder in California, Swan Landscaping, and Swan Solar. Organized in 2008, Swan Solar is the most recent extension of the Swan company. The Swan company has always devoted itself to providing its customers with long-lasting, top-quality, cutting-edge products, and as such, Swan Solar provides you with SunPower solar panels, the most powerful and efficient panels on the market to date. Swan Pools and Swan Landscaping concern themselves with the aesthetics of every project, and in keeping with this, Swan Solar’s panels seamlessly integrate with the home’s architecture and are pleasing to the eye.

Although Swan Solar is young, the Swan company has over 30 years of experience in thermal pool solar installations and over 50 years of work in the home improvement industry. With its accumulated wealth of experience and expertise, the Swan company has become proficient in project management and design, which is being carried over into its solar division.

A residential solar system is an investment, but it is one of the safest ones an investor can make as it assuredly makes immediate returns. Swan Solar offers several solar financing options to help one pay for the system in a manner that best suits their budgetary and energy needs. In some cases, the payback rate will simply be the home’s electric rate. Once paid off, however, the residence will never pay for electricity again! The utilities provider may even have to pay a homeowner back for pumping electricity back into the grid! Another monetary benefit to installing a solar system is that it will increase the value of the home. If a homeowner ever decides to sell, potential buyers will look favorably on the addition.

About: Swan Solar: Swan Solar also offers a free solar design and energy consultation to provide their clients with custom solar solutions for their home. Each solar system they design is different since homeowners have different electric bills, roof spaces, roof materials, electric panels, azimuths, tilt, etc. A certified Swan Solar designer will share with their client the most cost effective ways to eliminate their electric bills, while keeping in mind the aesthetics of their home. Swan Solar electric (PV) systems are designed and managed by electrical engineers and installed by highly qualified C–10 certified commercial electricians, giving you a 10 year warranty on installations and a 25 year warranty on the solar system output.

In summary, your Swan Solar experience will include the following: 1.    Technically accurate solar system designs. 2.    Rapid engineering and construction approvals through local city building departments. 3.    Highest quality products and installations. 4.    Long-lasting warranty protection from a 50-year-old organization that has demonstrated its ability to cope and prosper over the years.

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