Swift-Kanban Sponsors Agile Day ’12 by AgileNYC

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Digite, the maker of Swift-Kanban, leading Kanban/ Scrumban tool, is sponsoring Agile Day '12 organized by AgileNYC, the premier Agile community in New York City.

Swift-Kanban is a leading electronic Kanban tool that provides a powerful combination of ease of use and configurability to help distributed Agile teams manage their software development, maintenance and implementation work using a variety of development methods.

Swift-Kanban has a unique combination of capabilities for Scrum and Kanban teams, offering some of the best Scrumban features for teams that want to scale Agile in the Enterprise. Using Swift-Kanban, Agile teams can fully visualize their value stream – map their process – on a Kanban board, define Work in Progress (WIP) limits and measure and improve Flow.

With complete Scrum support, Agile teams can manage their Backlog, plan their Releases and Sprints and then track their progress on the Kanban board while using a combination of Scrum and Kanban metrics such as Burndown charts, Velocity/ Throughput charts as well as Lead/ Cycle Time and Cumulative Flow Diagrams. Using Swift-Kanban's SmartLanes feature, they can map each Release or Sprint to a swim-lane and clearly visualize and communicate to all the stakeholders the exact status of the Sprint or Release. At the same time, they can continuously evolve their value stream (workflow) to improve their overall development processes without causing any disruptions to the work, one of the key promises of Kanban as an evolutionary change agent.

Swift-Kanban can be used by software teams, IT/ Ops, DevOps as well as a variety of functions such as HR, marketing, sales, procurement, or any other function that wants to visualize, manage and improve their processes, improve flow and throughput – and maximize delivery of value to their customers. It also provides a great opportunity for customers, development teams and partners to collaborate effectively on a common forum.

For more information, please visit Swift-Kanban or contact sales(at)digite(dot)com.


Mahesh Singh
Digite, Inc.