Synova Launches Fremont Micro-Machining Center with Novel Laser MicroJet® Technology

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Synova, the manufacturer of the versatile Laser MicroJet® machine, is now offering cutting and dicing services out of its newly opened Fremont, CA micro-machining center (MMC).

The Laser MicroJet® technology is unique in its use of water to guide the laser beam to its target surface, akin to a fiber optic guiding light. The water cools the surface, thereby minimizing the heat affected zone and its related defects. The reduction in the heat affected zone greatly reduces micro-cracking, a frequent reliability concern.The water also cleans the surface during and between pulses, reducing metal re-deposition. Post-lase cleaning processes are often simplified or eliminated.

The technology has many advantages over traditional cutting techniques, especially when tight tolerances and high quality are critical. The technology is best suited for semiconductor dicing of silicon and III-V materials, machining of thin metals and ceramics for industrial and medical applications, and cutting of hard materials such as monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond (CVD, PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) or Silicon Carbide (SiC).

“With regards to our micro-machining center, customer response has surpassed expectations,” said Dr Bernold Richerzhagen, President and CEO of Synova. “The opening of the California MMC complements well our similar service centers in Europe and Japan, through which we are constantly discovering innovative ways to leverage the Synova technology for the benefit of our customers,” added Richerzhagen.

The use of the MMC is particularly well suited for feasibility testing, early hardware builds, qualification runs, prototyping and low volume production.

About Synova SYNOVA S.A., headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, manufactures leading-edge laser cutting equipment based on its patented laser technology. Customers benefit from higher yields, higher reliability and enhanced capabilities. For more information, contact us at info(at)synova(dot)ch or visit our web site at


Jacques Coderre
Synova Micro Machining Center