Talent Agency WLA and The Recording Academy Agree that FanAxcess.com Brings Money Back to Music

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — A groundswell has begun in the beleaguered music industry. A few early adopter talent agents, managers, and artist advocate organizations are collaborating with FanAxcess.com to bring Money to Music. Ginuwine, Jeffrey Osbourne & Booker T added this week.

Paul LaMonica and Jody Wenig, esteemed talent agents for such household names as The OJays, Jeffrey Osbourne, and Booker T, as well as recent discoveries like Ginuwine and Joe the singer had this to say about their decision to ensure that all their clients are registered and highly visible on FanAxcess.com,

“At a time when the music industry and musicians are really struggling for every dollar, FanAxcess.com comes along and makes it very easy for opportunity to find my artists. There is currently $16 billion dollars spent on sponsorships and only 4% goes to music. My people need to offset Tour expenses. I’m blown away by the exponential amount we all could make if every musician had a profile on this site.”

As well, The Recording Academy joins forces with FanAxcess.com to give opportunity to artists for sponsorship and licensing by brands and ad agencies. Through Labor Day, The Academy is offering their members a special “Concierge Service”, including a dedicated email and phone number to assist all members who create a profile on FanAxcess.com.

FanAxcess.com is a platform where artists create a free profile including their social network and fan base statistics. This patent-pending, Internet trading platform allows ad agencies, TV producers, film studios, music supervisors and music tour promoters to search and find exactly the singer/songwriter/band match for their product or service’s customer demographic needs. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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