TalQer Releases New Version to support latest Google Talk beta

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — TalQer released a new version on Monday which further integrates their VoIP PC-to-Phone service together with Google Talk to support Google’s latest beta version. Google released a new beta version of their Google Talk client last Friday which adds avatars and gives the user a choice of graphic environments and emoticons. Now TalQer can automatically determine whether a Google Talk user wants to dial a telephone number using TalQer or send an instant message using Google Talk.

The new TalQer also allows users to import data files from other address books into the TalQer phone book. This gives users the ability to access contact information already saved in other address books without having to reenter the information. Users can share address books between TalQer and mobile phones or Microsoft Outlook simply and easily.

“Together with TalQer, Google Talk is now poised to become an even bigger competitor with Skype. This latest release is just an example of the new functionality and integration we will be building into TalQer. We want to make calling through the Internet simple and easy, and we are building TalQer to be the best Internet telephone service available,” said TalQer’s Charlie Paglee. “We are very happy with the overwhelming response we have received from Google Talk users. We expanded the level of integration between TalQer and Google Talk as a way of saying ‘thanks’ to the flood of Google Talk users who have shown their enthusiastic support for TalQer.”

TalQer integrates PC-to-Phone functionality with Google Talk, enabling TalQer users to call regular telephone numbers using their computer directly from Google Talk. TalQer offers calls to 22 countries at 1.5 cents per minute, a 33% savings over Skype. All TalQer long distance rates are cheaper than SkypeOut. TalQer is offered by Vozin Communications, Inc.

For more information about TalQer visit http://www.TalQer.com.


Charlie Paglee
Talqer / Vozin Communications, Inc.