Tax Relief in August – Donate Cars Now for a Deduction on 2010 Tax Return

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — A valuable tax deduction can be available to anyone who donates a vehicle to charity from today through midnight, December 31. Individuals who donate a car now, simply deduct the value when they file tax returns for 2010. It’s often more convenient to donate a car, truck, RV, or boat during the summer months when the weather is fair and the days are long. Such planning ahead for a tax write-off means avoiding that end of the year, holiday season rush when everyone is busier including ‘donate car’ specialist tow truck drivers, who deliver the tax deduction receipt while they pick up the car donation. Doing a vehicle donation now is good financial planning, and charities certainly need the proceeds now while many still suffer from the economic downturn.

Harvard E. “Pete” Palmer Jr. co-founder of the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Inc. notes that anytime is tax-relief time for those who donate a vehicle, even one that is not running. Anyone who decides to donate a car through the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, gets a tax donation receipt at the time of the free pickup. To take a tax write off, donors simply save the receipt and then claim the car’s value when itemizing tax deductions on IRS form 1040. Donors can choose their favorite charities from the large list featured on the Vehicle Donation Processing Center’s website, A car donation processed through the Vehicle Donation Center can benefit almost every charitable mission, including those that help animals, the arts, children, education, the environment, disease research, human rights, faith-based and family services, seniors, special interest groups and more.

“Some sentimental car donation enthusiasts wave a tearful goodbye as they watch their former trusty transportation (now often a leaking, rusting nightmare) clanking off down the street into the sunset. Gone from their lives, forever.”

Charities that are represented by this company welcome car donations of almost any vehicle, of any value, running or not. The Vehicle Donation Processing Center handles most kinds of chattel donations; donate boats, donate cars, donate RVs, donate motorcycles –even donate airplanes! The great majority of car donations are in fact clunkers so prospective donors who have a car that has not run for some time should not hesitate to go online to, fill out the simplified free pickup form, choose a charity from the pull-down list and the company guarantees that clunker will be shortly gone and then shortly thereafter, the charity will have more funds to pursue their vital charitable mission. Optionally, the Vehicle Donation Center does the ‘free pickup form’ typing themselves, when prospective donors call the toll-free free line, which is answered live, seven days a week, from the company’s stateside vehicle donation call-center. Either way, the donor conveniently gets rid of an unwanted car or other chattel and gets a tax deduction, and the charity receives money it otherwise wouldn’t have.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center says they top the competition when it comes to making the process easy for both donor and charity. The Center picks the car donation up from wherever it is located and does everything necessary to turn it into cash for the charity and a tax deduction for the taxpayer, including DMV and smog documentation. All the vehicle owner does is turn over the keys to their vehicle donation and claim the tax write-off. Some sentimental car donation enthusiasts wave a tearful goodbye as they watch their former trusty transportation (now often a leaking, rusting nightmare) clanking off down the street into the sunset. Gone from their lives, forever.

Once garbage removal is complete, Palmer recommends that donating taxpayers keep a handy file folder for such valuable tax donation receipts, as they are received throughout the year so they can easily be located when filling out those 1040′s that will be due all too soon. If an individual who donated a car through the Vehicle Donation Processing Center does misplace a receipt, it can be easily replaced with a simple phone call to those seven day a week live operators at (877) 660 6689 or email Not all car donation processors offer these services. Palmer recommends to anyone who wishes to donate a car that they not only check out the charity to make sure that they are efficiently serving a mission that is important to the donor but also to make sure that the auto donation processor (who is rarely the charity itself) provides all the services to ensure that not only is the free pickup speedy but that any post-donation needs are efficiently handled.

The auto donation tax receipt donors received from the Processing Center contains everything the IRS requires: the donor’s name and the nonprofit’s 501(c)(3) registration number, car donation date and a “consideration” statement, if the auto donor received a free vacation coupon or discount on products or services. Therefore, even when the car donation occurs midyear, the donor will have accurate, valid documentation of the vehicle donation when tax return mailing time rolls around.

The Vehicle Donation Processing Center was founded in 1996 to aid individual charities who solicit car donations, in picking up the vehicles, doing the paperwork, and converting the cars to cash. Since that time, the Vehicle Donation Center has processed over 800,000 donations, which means 800,000 tax deduction receipts and $60 million net in cash disbursed out to over 400 charities. Federal legislation established a car donation tax deduction in 1986. Initially, a number of charities themselves tried to arrange pick-ups, fill out paperwork, and sell off the donated automobiles from their own parking lots and the like. In founding the Vehicle Donation Processing Center, Pete Palmer and team utilized economies of scale to serve many charities and streamline the “donate a car” process. Because the company picks up the vehicles anywhere, the donor doesn’t worry about towing or other delivery hassles.

Avoid the end-of-year rush. Donate this summer, save the tax deduction receipt for that important tax write-off next April 15 and clear out that driveway so the kids can have some fun while the sun shines.


Pete Palmer
Pete Palmer