Team Attempts to Avoid Modern-Day Pirates While Making History with Journey Around the World, Reports Trip Sponsor Travel Insurance Services

Walnut Creek, California (EastBayDaily) — Imagine a journey so difficult to finish that it has never before been completed. It ranks with great achievements in history like world circumnavigation by sail, completed by early explorers like Magellan or Sir Francis Drake in the 1500′s. According to an expedition sponsor, Travel Insurance Services, the Expedition 360 team is on its way to finishing the last great feat for world circumnavigation (as defined by Guinness World Records) — to do it solely by human power. No sails, hot air balloons, planes, trains or automobiles.

The team began its journey at the Greenwich Meridian in July of 1994, and hopes to complete the circumnavigation by late summer of this year. To finish, Expedition 360 must complete a 40,000-mile trip by rollerblade or bike, on foot and by a custom-designed pedal boat. They will endure challenging conditions like fatigue, failing equipment and diminishing food supplies.

And while they deal with the daily tasks of this adventure, they are finding time to provide educational opportunities to young people around the world. Students can participate in global pen-pal programs or photo album exchanges between classrooms. And, the team keeps an extensive online blog — the Expedition 360 journal — which is compelling reading for anyone who is interested in this unique/exciting trip and their progress.

Currently, Expedition 360 is more than halfway through the fourteenth of sixteen stages in the journey. This part of the trip takes them across the Indian Ocean – from Mumbai to Djibouti – in their custom-designed pedal boat, Moksha. Jason Lewis and Sher Dhillon are doing the legwork to keep the water-maker working and trying to avoid modern-day pirates. Jason and Sher are regularly writing journal entries from the pedal boat, and uploading them via satellite phone.

Expedition 360 relies on sponsorships from individuals and businesses to finish this trip. “We’re proud to sponsor an expedition that is not only setting records, but also providing an opportunity for educators to use the experience as a teaching tool. It’s taking adventure travel to the next level,” said Kevin O’Neal, President of Travel Insurance Services.

The goals of Expedition 360 are to circle the world by means of human power alone, to use the adventure as a classroom-learning tool, to encourage world citizenship between cultures, to promote environmental responsibility and to live fully and enjoy the experience. Read more about Expedition 360 at Jason is available to the media for interviews from aboard Moksha via satellite phone, and additional photographs of the the expedition are also available to the media – contact Kathy B. at sponsor Travel Insurance Services for details.

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