Team Silva Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to Attend the 4th of July Parade in Alameda Hosting Self-Defense Demonstrations During the Parade

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Team Silva Martial Arts academy will be attending the 4th of July parade. Every year the parade brings close to 300,000 spectators that come to enjoy the float parade and the festivities hosted by local Alameda businesses.

This year, Professor Sergio Silva is combining forces with Rebecca Trissell, one of the best yoga teachers on the island of Alameda. Rebecca Trissell is a yoga instructor who has been teaching in Alameda since 2008. She specializes in prenatal yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Baby and Mommy yoga.

The connection between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga comes from both arts originating in India. “Yoga is something that complements Jiu-Jitsu and vice-versa,” says Sergio Silva. Most of the students from Team Silva Martial Arts Academy practice Yoga as part of their regime to complement their martial arts training. “The idea is simple; bring awareness to your breathing and to the simple movements that used in both arts,” says Sergio Silva.

This 4th of July parade, Professor Sergio Silva and Rebecca Trissell will be side by side giving special details about their program. They will also be providing materials on their upcoming workshop, “The Peaceful Warrior Combat Training Workshop,” which will be taking place on July 13th and July 20th. Students will be coming to the dojo for an hour and a half to practice yoga, followed by self-defense training that will involve restraining techniques. The main goal set for the Peaceful Warrior Training by Sergio and Rebecca is to provide students with a higher mental state of awareness.

To register for the workshop simply visit and register.

The Peaceful Warrior Training will begin on July 13th at 10:30am followed by the Self-Defense portion at 12pm. On July 20th, the times will be same, but with more emphasis on balance and strength training throughout the day.


Sergio Silva
Team Silva Martial Arts Academy

Sergio Silva