Team Silva Martial Arts Academy Offers Self-Defense Workshops for Children, Women, Adults and Teenagers

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — Team Silva Martial Arts Academy, an institution that offers martial arts tutorials, recently announced that they will offer a self-defense workshop for children, teenagers, adults and women. These workshops will educate persons who are interested in knowing how to defend themselves. Participates will learn how to defend themselves by using the attack techniques used in the sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mauy tie (kick boxing), striking, and submission wrestling.

The management of Team Silva Martial Arts Academy announces the academy will conduct workshops Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15pm-to 8pm. The workshops will be a combination of self-defense and cage fitness. The main purpose behind the workshop is to tell everyone about the value of fitness and self-defense. With the crime and bullying on the rise, participates will benefit from knowing these crucial techniques.

Team Silva’s Professor Silva will be leading the classes and states each class will incorporate boxing, fitness, kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts(MMA),coordination, agility and many more. Functional training will also be taught to the students. Through Functional training students will increasing strength and endurance by training with battle ropes, plyometrics, ground and pound, jump ropes, calisthenics and much more. These activities are based on Professor Silva university training in Brazil, 20 years of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his professional fighting career in MMA, and 10 plus years of training kickboxing.

All interested individuals are welcome to attend the workshop to learn self-defense techniques, build endurance, strength and confidence with Professor Silva. The institution will offer its Self-Defense Workshops for $25 dollars. The first class will begin on June 18th. Workshop will start at 6:15pm and finishing at 8pm. The said workshop aims to educate everyone starting from children to adult individuals. Throughout the workshop, Professor Silva will discuss everything about verbal self-defense and awareness. He will also discuss physical fitness including the restraint techniques. The concept behind the workshop is building self-confidence and working to develop a powerful human being. Striking hard and hitting are among the major ideas that he will discuss in the upcoming self-defense workshop.

In addition to the workshops ongoing classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday. Classes are held from 6:15 pm until 7 pm at Team Silva Martial Arts Academy. Team Silva Martial Arts Academy is a famous institution offering martial arts and self-defense classes in Alameda and Hayward, California. The main goal of the institution is to help individuals become fit and strong. Team Silva Martial Arts Academy incorporates martial arts with physical fitness and fun.

To get more information about Team Silva Martial Arts Academy, please feel free to visit For inquiries, please contact them at this telephone number: 510-814-1927 or send an email to sergiobjj(at)hotmail(dot)com.


Sergio Silva
Team Silva Martial Arts Academy

Sergio Silva