Technesis Announces iBridge Product Line Enhancing Cost Accounting and Print Management for MFPs and Plotters


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Technesis is proud to introduce Technesis iBridge, our data solution for print management. Technesis iBridge is a powerful, flexible and configurable software suite that specializes in data integration with ERPs, billing systems, financial systems, API/SDK enabled print devices and print management software.

Technesis iBridge integrates with print controllers of API/SDK enabled MFPs – small and large format. There are two advantages with integration:

­Achieving “as-printed” tracking. This encompasses accurate tracking of ALL MFP activity whether initiated by printing, at MFP’s control panel or embedded web server. “As-printed” tracking is more accurate than “as-submitted” tracking methods, where prints are only tracked to the point of leaving the workstation. This integration makes Technesis software more reliable than other “as-submitted” tracking software, where there will be gaps between actual meters and tracked print reports.

­Eliminating the need for external copy counters. Users walk up to the MFP control panel, enter their user and billing data and use the MFP. Technesis tracks the activity and allocates it for billing. This integration makes activity tracking affordable for ALL companies.

Technesis iBridge integrates with device management software for accurate tracking and costing of prints, regardless of their source or location. Device management software manages workflow, print stream conversion and queue management. Technesis iBridge brings in costing, billing and reporting for financial purposes. This integration extends cost accounting to centralized and decentralized printing.

Technesis iBridge integrates with ERP and financial systems to obtain billable data so that prints, copies, faxes and scans are properly allocated. With Technesis iBridge, accounts and codes used for printing are managed in one location and regularly imported as a scheduled task.

Technesis iBridge, along with Technesis Print Control System v5.6 offers tremendous value for companies interested in controlling their printing costs. The system has proven to be an asset in identifying, correcting and accounting for company wide printing. Whether you are an end-user, operations manager, financial stakeholder or a provider of services and MFP devices, Technesis software can help you exceed your business objectives. Find out what Technesis can make print management practical, while increasing profits for your business.

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