Technesis Announces Print Control System v5.6 Going Beyond Cost Recovery


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Technesis is proud to release our flagship print management solution, Technesis Print Control System v5.6, The software is used to survey office printing; to deploy rules based printing, and to allocate printing to budget centers, projects and bill codes. Technesis Print Control System is an integrated product that meets the challenges of print management today – not just cost recovery, but also cost accountability and efficient printing. Technesis print assessments passively monitor print servers, remote network printers, as well as local (USB, LPTx, COM) printers. These assessments are setup and managed from one location and deployed globally. Print statistics are collected, summarized and automatically distributed via Technesis’ reporting engine. Technesis software reports to decision makers the number of print jobs, color pages, monochrome pages printed to each device, by each user, for every workgroup. These print assessments are critical for any equipment reallocation or print rightsizing initiatives.

Technesis rules based printing is an end-user messaging system advising of more effective print options. Rules and messages are managed from one location and applied globally. Rules are implemented by users, groups, devices, document types, and document makeup – down to the number of color or monochrome pages in each print job. Messages display on the workstations and are personalized for each end-user.

Technesis costing engine enables flexible costing models to adapt to today’s always changing business requirements. Whether costing simply by color and monochrome or combination of function (copy, scan, print), media type, paper size, color intensity and more, Technesis Print Control System is the solution. Technesis supports multiple price lines for different activities, document makeup, departments, projects or bill codes.

Technesis reporting engine creates time based snapshots of printing data, capturing and calculating all vital statistics for a selected period. Report snapshots isolate print data from any subsequent changes to costing. Technesis also automatically delivers summary or detailed reports to administrators and managers without the cost of additional services or fees. Dozens of reports are already available for real time reporting.

Technesis Print Control System v5.6 extends the Technesis brand recognition beyond cost recovery. Whether you need print assessment, rules to control print workflow, or complete cost recovery, Technesis is the solution. Technesis has proven to be a valuable asset in identifying, correcting and accounting for enterprise printing. Whether you are an end-user, operations manager, financial stakeholder or supplier of print services and MFP devices, Technesis software can help you exceed your business objectives. Find out today how Technesis can make print management practical, while increasing profits for your business.

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