The Bay Area High End Audio Company, Napa Acoustic Announces Exhibit at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Napa Acoustic, a Bay Area high end audio company will be participating in the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Denver from October 14-16. Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) is the largest consumer audio and home entertainment show in the U.S. and visitors will have an opportunity to not only listen to audio systems in every price range but to actually purchase the equipment they will hear.

This is the eighth year of RMAF and Napa Acoustic has enjoyed tremendous success at previous shows and expects this one to be the best one yet. Bay Area Napa Acoustic will be introducing new products such as high end audiophile speakers, vacuum tube amplifiers, acoustic panels and many more, with system pricing exclusive to the show.

“We were awarded ‘Best Value at Show’ in June at the Newport High End Show,” said Christ Field, Marketing Head of Napa Acoustic. “There will be three unique audio systems from us at this show. Our business model is based on the fact that we sell great sounding audio equipment at prices that anyone can afford. We offer exceptional value for music lovers who want to still be able to afford to buy more music after they buy the system.”

Napa Acoustic, a Bay Area audiophile speakers company now offers a wide range of audio components that meet the needs of today’s music lovers and have designed a series of room treatment panels that can be used in any room to reduce reflections, smooth out response and improve imaging, all at prices that reflect the original target of affordability. They are able to offer the most affordable audiophile speakers on the market today.

Whether for a download enthusiast or the proud owner of a vast CD collection, a Napa Acoustic music system will outperform systems at 2-3 times their size and price and will do so with a subtle high-tech style and with gem-like detail and finish.

Call Napa Acoustic today at (510) 894-6994 to visit their showroom at 44380 S. Grimmer Blvd. Fremont CA. Visit their website to view more information about products offered and to purchase directly from the site.

About Napa Acoustic

Napa Acoustic was formed in 2009 in the Bay Area by two gentlemen who were enthusiastically involved with high performance audio. Napa Acoustic remains true to its original goal and continues to investigate new products and designs that will offer even greater performance and value to meet the demands of everyone who loves music. They provide everything an enthusiast needs for an exceptional listening experience including vacuum tube amplifiers, audiophile speakers, high quality cables and acoustic room treatment panels.


Joseph Kwong