The Bay Area’s First Rate Property Inspection OffersTips and Discusses Updating or Replacing Building Systems

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — The general rule is that most building components, such as roof surfaces and package rooftop HVAC units have 15 to 20 years of useful life. This rule, however, has several exceptions. For instance, an AC unit in a hot climate has substantially greater use than one in a cooler west coast area. The same is true for many roofing systems. A cap sheet or tar and gravel roofing system in a hot area, unless very carefully maintained, will begin to fail after 15 or 20 years. In cooler areas, lifespans twice this age are not unusual.

Roofing and HVAC systems tend to fail at the same time. One goal may be to focus on maintaining the system that is most likely to fail first, and to actually encourage simultaneous system wear out or failure. The ideal replacement approach is to remove the roof area equipment, typically with a crane, install new roofing, and then install all new HVAC equipment. This method is expensive at first but can greatly reduce costs over time.

Some components are considered to have an unlimited lifespan, such as modern steel-reinforced concrete floors and walls. On the other hand 1950s concrete block buildings with hollow unreinforced block walls may require costly repairs or replacement to resist earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes.

“Bay Area property inspection company, First Rate Inspectors are very familiar with seismic, hurricane, site stability and other structural issues. We will recommend an additional engineering evaluation be performed if there are indications of needed corrections or upgrades. We can provide an engineering evaluation performed either as part of our original inspection or when we observe serious potential hazards during our inspection,” says Roger Robinson, founder of First Rate Property Inspection.

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